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Ryan Frazier’s 4th quarter $217,202.51 beats Ed Perlmutter’s $215,201

Ryan Frazier, one of five candidates for the Republicans’ nomination to run against Democrat Rep. Ed Perlmutter, is celebrating his fourth-quarter fundraising win $217,202.51 to $215,201. But Perlmutter has $1,045,319 cash on hand, compared with Frazier’s $275,000. Frazier issued this statement:

 Wheat Ridge, CO - Republican Ryan Frazier increases the momentum against Democrat incumbent Ed Perlmutter in Colorado’s highly competitive 7th Congressional District. Since entering the congressional race, the dynamic and popular Frazier raised a total $217,202.51 in the 4th quarter, outraising his Democrat rival.  The fundraising lead is a stunning rebuke to an incumbent who has been a key ally in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to hijack healthcare reform.

 Frazier, who has been gaining significant momentum since he announced his candidacy in October, is very popular among grassroots Republican and independent voters.  He has been hailed by members of the GOP as a rising star and one of the most dynamic leaders in the party.

Frazier’s fundraising totals are especially important at this time, given the favorable electoral results for the GOP recently in Masschusetts, New Jersey and Virginia.  Democrats are facing a difficult election year in 2010 in part because the Democrats are perceived as out of touch with regular, mainstream voters, especially independent voters.

Scott Howard, Frazier’s Campaign Manager stated, “The fact that Ryan has raised more money than an incumbent in this last quarter reveals an underlying frustration among Coloradans.  Voter frustration that has surfaced in other parts of the country is now taking center stage in Colorado’s District 7.  People have lost faith in the Democrats’ ability, as the majority party, to address the critical issues such as creating the conditions for strong job growth and stabilizing our economy.  Ed Perlmutter is out of touch.  He has voted consistently with the liberal leadership and authored a tax increase.  He’s been supporting policies that actually destroy jobs.  Why?  A whopping 47.9% of his funds came from PACs that serve D.C. and not Colorado families.  The voters want an end to the reckless one-party rule in Washington.  The facts confirm that they are not only voting against one-party rule at the ballot boxes but also with their checkbooks.”

Frazier’s 4th quarter fundraising numbers reveal that over 97% of his funds were donated by individuals and over 90% came from Coloradans, bolstering his claims of support from grassroots and independent voters.

For more information, please visit or follow Ryan at http://www.twitter.comryanfrazier2010.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 01/28/2010 at 04:30 PM


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