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Dan Maes 1,741 (49.4%), Scott McInnis 1,725 (48.9%); J.J. Ament 78%; Ali Hasan 20%

Now we know why Scott McInnis had his daughter schedule her wedding for this afternoon. He doesn’t want to show his face. The excuse that the wedding date was set two years ago and couldn’t have been changed when McInnis entered the gubernatorial race to last month or next month doesn’t wash for me. UPDATE: Let’s be charitable. Maybe McInnis wanted the wedding to be held today so he could victoriously lead the bride down the aisle? Man, what a downer for the McInnis family on what should be a special day. Talk about blowing it!

In a big win for the Tea Party, 9/12 Groups and other doubters of establishment Republicans, Dan Maes got 1,741, or 49.35% of the delegates’ votes for governor at the Colorado GOP’s state assembly; Scott McInnis got 1,725, or 48.89%. In the state Treasure’s race, J.J. Ament kept Ali Hasan off the ballot by winning 78% of the delegates’ votes to Hasan’s 20%. At Monday’s CD-7 assembly, Hasan told me he would get 40% of the vote and Ament would get about 40%.

Will Hasan make the mistake of petitioning on to the ballot? He probably will try. Walker Stapleton also is trying to petition on to the ballot for the Aug. 10 Treasurer’s primary, but despite his deep pockets, I think he’d have a hard time beating Ament.

Maes has won despite dismal fundraising and a few stumbles along the way. Putting some 70,000 miles on your car in less than 12 months while attending hundreds of political events can pay off. I think he comes off as being a bit smarter and more honest than McInnis, and he’s willing to talk to both supporters and critics while McInnis is a glad hander who tries to avoid talking issues with supporters or, especially, the media and critics. McInnis is having a hard time making the transition from an obscure Congressional candidate to a closely watched gubernatorial candidate, and he’s having a tough time thickening his very thin skin.

I think that the fact that Scott McInnis has been caught telling too many white lies and that Hasan has run a disingenuous or too cute and clever campaign, to put it politely, has cost them. They’ve been punished. Hope they understand and have learned their lessons. 

Lynn Bartels reports GOP assembly votes here.

To get on the ballot, candidates need to win 30% of the delegates’ votes. If they win between 10% and 30% of the votes, they can petition onto the ballot. If they don’t participate in the assembly, they can petition on the ballot. Jane Norton and Tom Wiens are attempting to petition onto the GOP’s primary Senate ballot.

Reminder: I don’t have candidates in any of the GOP primaries, but I have opinions about all of the candidates. And while I want Republicans to win, I will not compromise my values and principles to enable or elect candidates I consider incompetent or dishonest. Am I perfect judge of people? No. I owned a business too long to be perfect. And I voted for Carter, Clinton and Ritter, but I only made those mistakes once each.

I’ve interviewed McInnis and Maes, and I’ve heard them speak many times. To see my coverage of each man, search this site for their last names.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 05/22/2010 at 02:41 PM


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