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Why does Scott McInnis have a 28-point lead over Dan Maes?

Why does former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis have a 28-point lead over Dan Maes for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, according to  a SurveyUSA poll published in the Denver Post? Does that mean he’ll be the GOP nominee in the fall? With the nomination virtually locked up, will he have more money to take on Obama Democrat Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper? Is McInnis just plain lucky, or what? Can you believe the results of the poll, which was done by the third most accurate political poster, according to fellow RMA blogger, Ben DeGrow?

McInnis leads Maes 57% to 29% with 14% undecided according to a SurveyUSA poll of likely Republican primary voters. McInnis leads Hickenlooper 47% to 43%, which means they’re in a virtual tie. 

Why is McInnis leading? Among other things, long before SurveyUSA said jobs is the top priority for Colorado’s voters, McInnis has been saying “jobs, jobs, jobs” is the top issue since I started covering his campaign back in early October. See link below.

This is my 191st post about Scott McInnis, my 100th about Dan Maes and my 51st about John Hickenlooper.


Is Dan Maes Toast? Raised only $35,000 in May; Scott McInnis raised $252,000. The Business Word, 6.04.2010.

Poll: Coloradans say jobs are nation’s primary concern. SurveyUSA in Denver Post, 6.21.2010.

Poll: Hickenlooper has fight ahead with either Maes or McInnis in gubernatorial race. SuveyUSA in Denver Post, 6.20.2010.

Numbers don’t back Norton camp’s attempt to disparage SurvayUSA. By Ben DeGrow.

Scott McInnis attacks Ritter’s inexperience, bad bets. The Business Word, 10.05.2009.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 06/21/2010 at 06:57 PM


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