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Today is Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Immigration Reform

15 questions Republicans are asking gubernatorial candidates

The audience at the North Suburban Republican Forum had about 15 questions last Saturday for the three candidates for the GOP’s nomination to challenge Gov. John Hickenlooper next November. These same questions probably are being asked around the state as the candidates work to visit all 64 counties even though only about 12 counties have most of the votes.

RNC, GOP should not sell out to U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Business Roundtable

Republicans won't win elections with candidates who are just sound bite specialists and empty suits and who sell out to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. 

Greed for power drives immigration reform

There is no greed like the greed for power that is driving the Republican establishment's push for "comprehensive immigration reform" even when it involves a "poorly crafted", dishonest, unworkable immigration bill that is unworkable and never would be enforced by President Obama or his successors.

The GOP's leaders like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Mexico) think that if they back the most flawed immigration bill since the 2007 immigration bill Hispanic voters will give more support to the party's Congressional and presidential candidates. I don't think Hispanics will vote GOP, because the GOP is not of supportive of the Moocher Nation as Democrats are. Like Obama and other hard left Democrats, Hispanics think the government's job is to feed them and give them free health care.

That is why I think that the WSJ and Murdoch are way off base on immigration reform. They're pushing Congress to pass a flawed, dishonest and unworkable bill that never would be enforced if it became law. Obama and previous presidents haven't enforced border security for decades, and there is no reason to believe Obama would enforce a stronger law. He doesn't believe in the rule of law or in the U.S. Constitution.

I'm for the one-issue-at-a-time approach. Anyone pushing "comprehensive immigration reform" doesn't want reform, because it would be impossible to get through the House, if not the corrupt Senate.

What I'm for is a bill that would allow the members of the 11 million illegal immigrants who have paid their health care and education bills, paid local and national property and income taxes directly or indirectly, and obeyed our laws to stay as permanent residents.

No one who has illegally immigrated by violating our border security laws and regulations should be allowed on a path to citizenship. We should not reward those who've immigrated illegally and corrupted our politicians, judges, lawyers, journalists and academics with citizenship.

As for workers, the only ones we want are those who are educated, trained and capable of supporting themselves and their families. We don't need the sick, weak, illiterate, uneducated recruits for food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

And we don't need illegal immigrants who think the S. W. USA should return to Mexico.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 04/29/13 at 03:04 PM
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What should Republicans be for?

What should Republicans be for, I've been asked by a prominent Colorado Republican. In addition to sending him the reply below, I posted it on my Facebook page.

I think Republicans lost in 2008 and 2012 because the Rick Santorum social issues folks scared independents, young men and women and Hispanics to death. It's time to reassure, not scare voters.

Here's what's practical, if not politically possible: GOP governors, legislators and other officials should take social issues such as abortion and marriage off their political agendas. Small government's stay out of our personal lives. They enforce fair tax laws. They encourage private investment and job creation and they ensure national security and a safe and healthy environment.

Small Government Republicans should make sure that laws and regulations apply to all regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences or citizenship (other than voting). Anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage laws violate the civil rights of women and men alike.

Eliminate crony capitalism and government tax credits, subsidies, grants and contracts for the favored few industries, companies, universities, hospitals, charities, unions and other contributors to political campaigns.

Messages for voters that Republicans should be using include:

!. Women, young and old: We will invest in teaching school board members and school administrators how to run better schools. We want schools that will help you and help you help your kids be more academically successful and prosperous. 

We respect your ability to make decisions about you and your family that are best for you and everyone you love. A small government's job is to make your environment, you and what you consume as safe and comfortable as possible, not to tell you what to buy, do or believe. Everyone is entitled to her or his beliefs, but no one should have the power to use the government to impose her or his beliefs or values on others.

2. Hispanics. Republicans want to help all Hispanics and all Americans educate their kids, get good jobs, enjoy being Americans and prosper. We do this by limiting governmental interferences in your lives, jobs and businesses and by making sure that you enjoy the best infrastructure, safety, schools and health insurance markets in the world. 

Republicans want Hispanics—immigrants as well as American born—to feel at home in the United States. We support applying to everyone all laws and regulations regardless of ethnicity, place of birth, race, income, wealth, or spiritual beliefs. 

We will ensure that tax credits, tax incentives, government subsidies and government grants are available to all citizens and to those who have applied for citizenship.

A path to citizenship should be available to everyone who is in the country upon the date of the enactment of an immigration reform law. That law must ensure our border security and create a fair immigration system and a fair path to citizenship for future legal immigrants.

3. Gays and Lesbians. We will make sure that government enforces the civil rights of all Americans and keeps politicians out of your bedrooms and weddings. Whether you're married or not and whom you marry is none of the government's business. Limited government means equal treatment in tax and welfare laws, employment and education laws and regulations of all Americans regardless of whether they're married, single, straight or gay.

4. Non Christians and non religious. Republicans believe Americans should learn to respect and live with their neighbors, co-workers, employers, educators, health care providers, insurers and competitors regardless of their religious beliefs and practices.

5. Young people. Republicans want equal opportunities for all to make the most of their talents and ambitions as cost effectively as possible. We want you to have big dreams and to live your dreams. 

Republicans believe schools should be reformed to ensure that they graduate students who are functionally literate in the basics—reading, writing, math, risk taking and learning. Once students have proved their mastery of the basics, they should be taught civics, history, science and healthy living. 

We want school reforms that give children more high-quality learning hours in school, more small class time for students who find one of the basics difficult and the best educational materials available in all schools. 

Upon graduation from high school, we want young people to feel that if they want, they can and should be helped to afford to get advanced educations in colleges, trade schools, the military and in other training environments. All schools should be for the students.


Is Mitt Romney a leader or just a salesman? By Donald E. L. Johnson, 5.12.2011.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/20/12 at 06:25 AM
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Colo. ballot initiatives failing; 57% want Arizona law; economy top issue; voters split on tea party

Colorado ballot initiatives 60, 61, 62, 63 and 101 appear to be headed for crushing defeats, according to a Denver Post/ 9News polls conducted by Suvreys USA. 

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/25/10 at 05:52 AM
ColoradoEconomicsPoliticsPollsImmigration ReformRead More

Ken Buck’s best, most comprehensive interview

CNBC’s John Harwood gives Ken Buck the best opportunity he’s had all year to explain his positions on economics, health insurance reform, illegal immigration, energy, climate change and taxes. Buck sounds like a thoughtful, smart conservative in this important 14-minute clip:

Interview: Jane Norton says Ken Buck is Washington insider, not fiscally conservative

Taking the gloves off, former Colorado Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton said in an 85-minute interview in her Centennial office today that Ken Buck, her opponent for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, is the real Washington insider and that she’s the fiscal conservative in the race.

“I am not the Washington insider in this race. That would be Ken Buck. Ken has a Washington insider 527 running over $1 million of ads on his behalf. And he received over a third of all his donations from employees of one company that relies on stimulus money and millions of dollars of special interests contracts,” Norton said.

(Her campaign provided me with a list of employees of Greeley-based Hensel Phelps Construction Co. who have contributed $141,800 to Buck’s Senate campaign.)

I have never been a lobbyist. I am not the Washington insider in this race. That would be Ken Buck. Ken has a Washington insider 527 running over $1 million of ads on his behalf. And he received over a third of all his donations from employees of one company that relies on stimulus money and millions of dollars of special interests contracts.
If you want to be worried about Washington special interests, we should worried about Ken Buck.“I have never been a lobbyist. I am not the Washington insider in this race. That would be Ken Buck. Ken has a Washington insider 527 running over $1 million of ads on his behalf. And he received over a third of all his donations from employees of one company that relies on stimulus money and millions of dollars of special interests contracts,” Norton said.“If you want to be worried about Washington special interests, we should worried about Ken Buck,” she added.

In reply to the Buck campaign’s charges that Norton is a Washington insider because she is backed by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and is related to a Washington lobbyist, Norton said, “Ken Buck was Governor Bill Ritter’s best man. If we’re going to play the guilt by association game, that’s an interesting connection.”

Like Buck, Norton says she would not vote for a bill that would help Colorado if it included a tax increase.

Appointed Democrat Senator Michael Bennet “is totally out of touch with Colorado values. . . He’s a rubber stamp for anything the Obama administration wants.”

As executive director of the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment between 1999 and 2002, Norton said, “My general fund request was down 28% when I left office. We eliminated programs that were not authorized by the state statute or in the state constitution.”

Norton also noted that when she ran for lieutenant governor, she took an unpaid leave of absence from her state job. Ken Buck continues to serve as the district attorney of Weld county even though he’s often absent so that he can attend campaign events, she said.

She also clarified her role at the Englewood-based Medical Group Management Association, where she was in charge of monitoring changes in states’ laws and regulations and informing managers of some 7,000 medical group practices about how they could comply with new state laws. She wasn’t in charge of the MGMA’s lobbyist in Washington and she never managed lobbyists or served as a lobbyist, she said.

“I have never been a lobbyist,” she said.

To see the 27 questions and answers, please click on the hed of this story. If you’re viewing this story at Rocky Mountain Right or Peoples Press Collective, go to

2007 immigration bill was a bad joke; can Congress get it right this time?

In 2007, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama supported Senators John McCain, Ted Kennedy and many Democrats in a failed effort to foist a so called immigration reform bill that was loaded with pork, written to give illegals amnesty and otherwise a disgraceful attempt to fool Americans.

Now, most of the same characters are making another attempt to change the immigration and border security laws. But, of course, the focus is on helping the illegals, not American citizens whose lives and incomes are put at risk by the shameful border security enforcement polices of the Obama administration.

Here are links to some stories about immigration reform. I’ll add more as I find them.

Arizona’s immigration frustration. Editorial. 4.26.10.

“Nobody Wins” on immigration reform. By Nathan Martin & Kasie Hunt. 4.26.10.

Law profs on Arizona immigration bill: It’s unconstitutional. 

New Arizona immigration law makes sense. The Heritage Foundation.

Immigration reform’s big moment. WaPo.

Arizona’s immigration law may spur a showdown. By Nicholas Riccardi. LA Times.

Will Democrats err in immigration reforms? By Daniel Griswold. Cato Institute.

Jane Norton on immigration.

Ken Buck on immigration.

Ken Buck talks illegal immigration, hate crime laws, government spending. The Business Word, 2.16.10.

Tom Wiens on immigration.

Bennet urges Senate leadership to move on immigration reform. Sen. Bennet’s web site.

Dan Maes on immigration.

Scott McInnis and John Hickenlooper don’t address the issue specifically on their web sites.

67% say illegal immigrants are major strain on U.S. budget. Rasmussen Reports. March 23, 2010.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 04/25/10 at 05:39 PM
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