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10 debate questions that Club 20 should ask John Hickenlooper

Club 20 will hold its 9/11 gubernatorial debate in Grand Junction, but the debate will be meaningless because the leading conservative and libertarian candidate, Tom Tancredo, won’t be allowed to participate. The only way Club 20 can save face is to ask John Hickenlooper questions that he probably won’t answer with a straight face even after taking a shower with his clothes on. Yes, these questions reflect my opinions. I wouldn’t ask them with the opinions if I had to moderate a debate. But I won’t be asked to moderate anything. So here they are:

1. Mr. Mayor, last month you led a coverup for rogue cops in Denver. You did all you could to protect your safety manager until you didn’t. You tried to double talk away his lack of judgment and his bad decisions about the rogue cops. You will make mistakes when you appoint people as governor. Nobody bats 1,000 when they hire people or make appointments. Can we expect you to cover up for incompetent members of your administration if you become governor as you have as mayor?

2. Mr. Mayor, at several of your rallies, your own thugs have barred bloggers and others with tape recordes and video cameras from filming the events. Why do you try to stop people from hearing and seeing you talk to voters and answer their questions?

3. Mr. Mayor, early in the campaign, you said it would be crazy to raise taxes during a recession. Are we in a recession? If you’re elected, will you declare that we’re not in a recession? If there is no recession in your mind, will you be free to ask the legislature or General Assembly to raise taxes now? Would you?

4. Mr. Mayor, I don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve been west of Evergreen, but we’ve lost a lot of oil and gas exploration and production jobs here since Gov. Bill Ritter regulated us out of the energy markets. You first indicated that you would soften the new regulations, but after the environmentalists got after you, you seemed to go back to your greeny base. I mean, after all, you are governor elect, and a few Grand Junction votes aren’t that important, I guess. So, assuming that natural gas prices will be where they are for a long time because of the supply glut, exactly how would you revive Colorado’s oil and gas industry?

5. Mr. Mayor, in your second ad, you drive away in a Prius. You make the point that people should turn off the air conditioning in their Prius to save energy. Now, you’re an Obama Democrat. Obama Democrats are nanny state folks. You like to shake your fingers at anyone who uses too much energy, wears out their couches or spends too much time at Smash Burgers. Nanny state folks think they are so pure that they can tell fat people to lose weight and 95-year-olds to shape up and get some exercise. Would you use the governor’s bully pulpit to tell us what to drive, when to use our couches and what to eat and drink?

6. Mr. Mayor, on your web site, you have posted a long position paper on education. It doesn’t say much or give any details. But it promises the Colorado Education Assn., the teachers’ union, that you would do away with their hated CSAP. CSAP holds teachers accountable. Your handling of the Denver cops shows you don’t believe in holding public employes accountable, much less members of the powerful teachers union, which probably will help get you elected. Would your administration be known as the “Don’t blame me or my people” administration? Where’s the evidence that you’ve ever held anyone accountable for anything?

7. Mr. Mayor, you founded and grew a nice business on the backs of beer buffs, burger lovers, consumers of fattening fries and carb addicts. We all like pubs, especially when we’re kids. Anyway, you make a big deal of being a businessman who will look out for Colorado’s small business owners. But as mayor of Denver, you’ve hardly created an environment that would be friendly to small or large businesses. Denver is an expensive, heavily regulated and nasty place to do business as a business owner and as a consumer. Will you promise that you will not seek or sign any tax increases as governor?

8. Mr. Mayor, will you promise that you will reform Colorado’s Dept. of Labor so that it treats both workers and employers fairly and with integrity? How will you do that?

9. Mr. Mayor, Gov. Ritter and the Democrat-controlled General Assembly are scaring Colorado employers away by raising taxes, promising higher taxes, promising to unionize the state and private sector employers and by enacting laws and writing regulations that make the cost of running the state prohibitive. We’ve seen that movie before in California, New York, Illinios, New Jersey and other highly unionized states. No one in their right mind wants to bring a business here because they see how Democrats are rushing to Californiate Colorado. What would you do to de-Californiate Colorado? I mean, you can’t send all of the ex-Californians home, can you?

10. Mr. Mayor, why are you covering up the donations that you’ve made to hard left groups over the last 25 years? Do you realize that your lame excuses that they would affect your giving in the future aren’t cutting it with anyone? Will you disclose your full tax returns next week, or are we just expected to trust you?

LINK: Rules keep Tancredo out of Club 20 debate, by Lynn Bartels.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/09/2010 at 02:17 PM


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