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Dan Maes, Dick Wadhams, Mike Coffman effectively tell Republicans: Vote for Tom Tancredo

"Governor-elect" John Hickenlooper has a problem. Republicans are uniting behind American Constitution/Republican Party candidate, former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, for governor.

Monday night Mike Coffman told Tancredo that he was endorsing him. Coffman obviously is very worried that if Hickenlooper wins, the new governor will redistrict the freshman member of Congress into a much less secure GOP seat and possibly out of a job. It is imperative that Republicans elect Tancredo so that Coffman is not Gerrymandered into an early retirement.

Tuesday, Maes accepted an invitation from Tancredo to meet in Morrison and talk. Maes refused to quit the race and probably won't, but when he disclosed the meeting to the Colorado Springs Gazette, he effectively—if not intentionally—told his backers that he's done. Most Maes backers will vote for Tancredo because they don't want Hickenlooper, the Democrats in the General Assembly and the Democrats on the State Supreme Court to reGerrymander Colorado into a solidly Blue state for the next 10 or 20 years. 

Today, Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado GOP, sent an email to district captains assuring them that it won't matter if Dan Maes gets less than 10% of the gubernatorial votes. While such a result would legally relegate the party into a minor party and handicap its fundraising for future elections, the legislature and new governor would have to change that law or suffer the wrath of Republicans and most independents in the next election. Or a court would over turn the law. Or, as I've blogged, the American Constitution Republican Party would be born as a result of a merger of the two parties.

In short, Wadhams has released all Republicans from their self-imposed loyalty to the GOP for this year's gubernatorial election. Like Coffman and other smart Republicans, Wadhams has decided that Tancredo would make a fine governor, and he would make sure that the GOP wouldn't be redistricted into oblivion.

Bottomline: Maes, Coffman and Wadhams have decided to follow their Republican voters into Tom Tancredo's camp. 

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows Hickenlooper was leading Tancredo 43% to 35% with 16% going to Maes. Hickenlooper never has gotten 50% in the polls, and it's much more likely tonight than it was this morning that Tancredo can win the election by picking up eight or nine percentage points from Maes.

That's how I see things tonight.


Spotted this morning: Did the GOP just drop Dan Maes? Really? By Chuck Plunkett.

Dan Maes: 'I'm not going anywhere', by Ross Kaminsky.

Talk with Tancredo doesn't sway Maes, by Tom Roeder.

Tom Tancredo victory wouldn't hurt GOP or American Constitution Party, by The Business Word, 10.5.2010.

I cross posted a version of my post at ColoradoPols. It's getting some discussion by mostly Democrats here.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/06/2010 at 09:58 PM


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