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Barack Obama’s running for president of his 6th grade class (His grades are a secret)

President Barack Obama is looking very juvenile today after trying to shut down the Republican's long-scheduled joint apperance on Sept. 7. Having been put in his place by Speaker Boehner, the president will give his latest campaign speech before a joint session of Congress next Thursday, Sept. 8.

Obama's an empty suit, even with 

teleprompters. Unlike Reagan, Clinton and W, he has nothing to say and no understanding or comprehension of economics.  
Obama has rejected American values and political customs since he entered politics and voted "present." He's still voting "present" and will attempt to surprise with a "bold" speech next Thursday. 
But he doesn't want to offend public sector union bosses, and he's pandering to construction union bosses with his "infrastructure" spending proposals. He continues to work for his favored few in the unions and ignore the needs of 30 million unemployed and under employed. 
Look for Obama to give a Clinton-type laundry list of vote-buying proposals aimed at every special interest on K Street. 
Boehner comes off as the adult in Washington. He handled Obama's stunt perfectly, leaving the president looking like someone who's running for president of the 6th grade.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/01/2011 at 08:54 AM

'12 President

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