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Gallup: Most Democrats are socialists, Republicans are capitalists

As Jennifer Rubin reports, a Gallup poll confirms that most Democrats are socialists and most Republicans are capitalists.

For Democrats, profits are all about greed. That's because the people who believe this in general have never risked anything or lost anything in their efforts to make profits. They think there is a straight line from startup to profitability and that once profitable, you've got it made. 
Not so. Most new ventures lose money, sometimes for years. Sports Illustrated lost money for decades before turning profitable. Amazon still is basically a dark hole because it's plowing all of its positive cash flow into building the company. Its socialist customers applaud its small profit margins. When and IF it starts to make money, Amazon's customers will be very angry. Discounted books and stuff are a right for them. 
As for profitability, look at Hewlett-Packar, Nokia, Dell and some of their suppliers like AMD, the chip maker. They're on the ropes due to changes in technology and consumer demand (iPads v. laptops). Socialists overlook the hard times that businesses and investors go through when markets change and they make mistakes.  
Successful companies weather their bad days while they restructure. See GE, IBM, CAT, Goldman Sachs, Macy's, etc. Unsuccessfull businesses go into chapter 7 bankruptcy. See Hostess, Borders, etc.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/30/2012 at 08:01 AM


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