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Why political journalists are liberal Obama Democrats

Why the media are Obama Democrats and encourage Divider-in-Chief/Liar-in-Chief Obama:

1. Journalism offers some of the lowest entry-level salaries. This engenders Wealth Envy from day one. Been there. Done that.
2. Few journalists are math or numbers people. 
3. Few journalists have run anything, especially a business other than a free-lance writing gig.
4. Most journalists are groupies. They dream of interviewing mindless actors, power greedy poiticians and illiterate jocks.
5. Most political journalists are lifers. They know nothing but politicians and politics. They're like cops. They deal with dishonest politicians who lie to them every day, and they think everyone lies and should lie to win power and wealth. 
6. A lot of political journalists are lazy. They do little if any library research. They seldom read bills or testimony. They talk to Nancy Pelosi and write their stories, after consulting with the AP reporter on the beat who gives them the lead that everyone will use that day.
7. Journalists hate editors who try to make them write smart, factual and unbiased stories. They're all bloggers at heart.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 12/06/2012 at 01:29 PM


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