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Education is key to a less violent, more healthy and prosperous America

Without more and better educated people we have:

1. Fewer marriages and more broken marriages.
2. More unemployed and hard core unemployed who blame the educated for their plights.
3. More violence, killing, crimes and imprisonments.
4. More obese, unhealthy and self-destructive people who don't understand doctors' orders nor comply with them.
5. More indiscriminate hate, blame shifting and uninformed and thoughtless voting.
6. Weaker and more biased educators who care little about the kids they teach and more about their days off, health care and pension benefits and salaries.
7. Weaker, more self-centered politicians who get away with lying and blame shifting because there aren't enough educated Americans to keep them honest.
8. The Moocher Nation.
We won't solve any of our social and cultural problems until we overthrow teachers unions and start graduating kids who can read, comprehend, write and deal with reality.
As long as school boards, state legislatures, Congress and the President ignore America's biggest problem, no other problems will be resolved. Education can be improved without spending more money. Indeed, less spending on education, especially at the federal level, would improve eductional outcomes and our standard of living in so many ways.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 12/30/2012 at 12:09 PM


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