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Journalists who accept Obama’s claim that 7.1 million signed up for ObamaCare can’t be trusted

The Wall Street Journal's headline writers and most of the media proved that they can't be trusted when they promoted President Obama's blatant lie that 7.1 million people have signed up and enrolled in ObamaCare. Everyone knows that huge percentages of those who signup never pay their ObamaCare health insurance premiums to insurers. Indeed, one insurer says that only 53% of previously uninsured signups pay their premiums. How many will continue to pay their premiums after insurers pay for their initial claims, which will be huge, remains to be seen. The ObamaCare numbers released by Obama so far are pretty meaningless. ObamaCare will never be repealed in full, but Obama already has used his executive orders to unlawfully change the law. Here are a few of the law's big problems as I see them:

1. I opposed and oppose ObamaCare, but I don't think it can be repealed fully.
2. Huge parts of ObamaCare have been removed by Obama's executive orders. They're unlikely to be reinstated because they are so politically toxic.
3. Most of the media accept the 7.1 signup number and the claim by liars for ObamaCare that there was a late surge.
4. Everyone knows there aren't 7.1 million enrollees and there is no reason to believe there are 7.1 million signups. How big the surge was, nobody knows because of Obama's secrecy and record for lying about ObamaCare and almost everything he talks about.
5. We don't know how many of the Medicaid signups were previously insured or were renewals for one reason or another. We don't know how many were eligible for Medicaid before they were signed up for the expanded program. And we don't know how many are gaming Medicaid by keeping their incomes low enough to be eligible for Medicaid, foodstamps and other welfare programs.
6. Until Obama discloses all ObamaCare numbers and allows them to be audited by independent outsiders, we won't know what is happening with the program. Politicians and journalists who are accepting the ObamaCare numbers today are destroying their reputations for integrity, smarts, wisdom and dependability. That includes the headline writers at The Wall Street Journal.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 04/05/2014 at 03:45 PM

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