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Is Rep. Cory Gardner’s campaign against Sen. Mark Udall off to a slow start? GOP death wish?

Rep. Cory Gardner seems to be off to a slow start in his campaign to unseat Sen. Mark Udall. Udall is showing his confidence by declaring that he would vote for ObamaCare again, restating his opposition to fracking and the Keystone pipeline and claiming falsely that climate change causes forest fires. Here is what worries me about the Gardner campaign:

Gardner is doing his best to be visible, but he isn't raising the money nor getting the outside help that he needs to overcome Udall's name recognition and support from his base and left leaning "unaffiliated" voters. Heck, Gardner even copyrights his press releases so his supporters can't reprint them or repost them on our blogs. And the campaign doesn't use FB or twitter at all as far as I can see. Such idiocy is not the way to win elections.

The National Republican Senate Committee is doing a great job of distributing opposition research on Udall and other Democrats, but its efforts seem wasted in Colorado.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Republicans give up on Colorado sooner than later. Not only is Gardner trailing Udall, but also he will be hurt by a pretty controversial and unhelpful gubernatorial candidate who will be chosen in the June 24 primary.

Worse, the GOP minority in the state legislature just showed how committed it is to personhood and anti-abortion legislation by defeating a Democrat bill that would have strengthened the rights of women to choose whether to have abortions or not.

The Colorado GOP is a Big Intrusive Government party that believes in exploiting religious affiliations for political power, and the voters here don't seem to buy in to putting preachers in charge of government policies. So it looks like the Colorado Democrats have a good chance of winning all but a couple of statewide elections and re-electing Udall, John Hickenlooper and its majorities in the state's general assembly.

Colorado Republicans have a death wish, I'm afraid. Winning elections is not their top priority.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 04/19/2014 at 09:06 AM

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