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Can Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann sell spending cuts?


Will Paul Ryan or Michelle Bachmann speak for voters who gave the GOP control of the House when they reply to President Obama's state of the union speech Tuesday night?

The answer will not be known until we hear one of them articulate the GOP's missions to cut spending and taxes in terms that will resonate with voters.

If all they do is talk about cutting spending without explaining the benefits of such cutting, Obama will win the day.

Instead of harping on cutting spending "for our children," Republicans must talk about cutting spending that favors General Electric, General Motors and General Dynamics and members of public unions.

Spending must be cut to put lobbyists like GE's Jeffrey Immelt out of the business of using his political clout to win advantages for GE over Americans who don't work for GE, GM, GD or federal and local government agencies.

Only when government subsidies and tax credits for those with highly paid lobbyists are eliminated will all Americans be able to play on a level playing field. 

As long as Obama's government favors one type of energy producer over another and favors producers of goods and services over consumers, only the Democrats' favored few—the General Electrics of the world— will enjoy opportunities to share in the American dream.

Democrats have long dismissed the "trickle down" theory of economics. And they've been right. Pouring money into the pockets of GE, GM, GD and public sector unions will not bring prosperity to all. 

Yet, Democrats are trying to sell the "trickle down" theory that they despise. They're saying that if the government spends billions that it doesn't have on infrastructure, favored energy producers and education, everyone will benefit. 

That simply is not true. Obama's spending and taxing proclivities will only make his friends rich and the rest of us poor.

So Republicans in the House will stop Obama Democrats from paying off their favorite lobbyists. Sorry, GE, GM, public sector unions and the bloated higher education and health care industries. 

Like all thinking Americans, Republicans believe that we must minimize government spending so that we can cut taxes and give every American worker and consumer an equal opportunity to prosper.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 01/24/2011 at 02:43 PM

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