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Coloradans should ask Mitt Romney some hard questions

Mitt Romney will be in Aurora Monday to meet with owners of small businesses before he attends a fund raiser in Cherry Hills Village, the Post reports.

I think that guests should ask Romney:

1. Why do you support big businesses like health insurers, hospital companies and big pharamas as well as big health care unions over small employers who will be destroyed by ObamneyCare?

2. If you think it's ok for states to mandate that individuals buy health insurance, do you also think it's ok for the government to mandate that we buy ethanol, energy efficient light bulbs, electric and hybrid cars, and other products and services that political interest groups pay politicians to force us to buy?

3. Why do you buy Al Gore's global warming alarmism? Is it because Iowa farmers buy it because they want to sell corn to ethanol producers and they want the government to force us to buy gas/ethanol, which cuts our milelage by 20%? You're supposed to be a sharp analyst. So why do you buy the work of discredited climate academics and politically-motivated UN commissions?

4. You claim that your business experience has prepared you for the presidency. But so far you're a failed politician who makes dumb jokes about being unemployed and who has been unable to convince anyone that you believe anything. Why do you want to be president other than you'd like a place in history?

I know. The guests will be too polite to ask hard questions. And that's why Obama will be re-elected.

W's legacy is Obama. You can't do worse than that, but Ethanol and ObamneyCare Romney sure is trying.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 06/17/2011 at 08:23 PM

'12 President

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