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John Hickenlooper
Greg Brophy
Scott Gessler
Matthew Hess
Mike Kopp
Tom Tancredo
Steve House
US Senate
Michael Bennet
Mark Udall
Owen Hill
US House
Diana DeGette (CD 1)
Jared Polis (CD 2)
Scot Tipton (CD 3)
Cory Gardner (CD 4)
Doug Lamborn (CD 5)
Mike Coffman (CD 6)
Ed Perlmutter (CD 7)
Andrew Romanoff
Attorney General
John W. Suthers
Secretary of State
Scott Gessler
Walker Stapleton
Colorado Supreme Court
Colorado Senate
Senate GOP
Senate Democrats
Colorado House
House GOP
House Democrats

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Comments fixed

I think we've fixed comments. UPDATE: Sign in problems should be fixed. If not, please email me at Thanks.

Spam will be deleted and spammers will be banned, including those who make silly comments and provide links to commercial and offensive web sites. Sorry that the commenting function has been down so long. The rules for commentators are simple:


1. If you enjoy give and take and can take as well as give, jump in. If you have a thin skin, you may not like it here.

2. Do not flame other commentators. Do not libel or lie about anyone, including politicians. 

3. Please keep comments clean and respectful of others' opinions. Otherwise, have fun.

4. Links to articles, blogs and documents that backup your points and opinions are appreciated.

5. I reserve the right to edit and delete comments as I see fit. I'm more likely to delete than to edit.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/26/2010 at 12:37 PM

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