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Dan Maes loses State Rep. Kent Lambert who endorses Tom Tancredo

Thousands of Dan Maes suppoters, activitists and Republican leaders are realizing that he wouldn't make a good governor and can't beat Obama Democrat John Hickenlooper. They are endorsing Tom Tancredo for governor. One of the smartest conservatives in the Colorado legislature, Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs), today dropped his support of Maes and endorsed Tancredo. This will resonate with many Maes supporters who know and respect Lambert's leadership. Tancredo's press release follows the jump.


Kent Lambert Endorses Tancredo for Governor
Becomes Latest Maes Supporter to Join Tancredo

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COState Representative Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, one of the three conservative legislators to have endorsed Dan Maes, today announced his endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo.

“I respected the outcome of our State Convention and the vote of the people, and thought that Republicans should back our elected candidate.  It is now clear that Dan has lost most of that core of Republican support, and cannot win this election,” saidLambert. "Unfortunately the Dan Maes/Tambor Williams campaign has been plagued by ineffective leadership, dogged by ethical questions, and is unable to communicate effectively."

"Our only option to stop another four years of Democrat-led economic meltdown and loss of personal liberty is Tom Tancredo.”

An outspoken conservative taxpayer advocate, Lambert served on the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee and fought wasteful government spending and tax hikes at the State Capitol.

"Tom Tancredo is true to his word: he will cut budgets, cut taxes, and stop illegal immigration cold," said Lambert. “With his own former experience on the Joint Budget Committee, Tom Tancredo already knows the process that is needed to fix this mess.”

Tancredo was also endorsed this week by Republican Congressman Mike Coffman (CO-6), conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, and dozens of tea party leaders and grassroots activists across the state.


Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/07/2010 at 12:11 PM


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