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Democrats are trying to convince Republicans to get rid of Dick Wadhams

Dick Wadhams probably is the strongest chairman in the history of the Colorado Republican Party. Democrats know it and see the current turmoil in the party as a chance to convince Republican purists to get rid of Wadhams. That would help the Democrats big time. I barely know Wadhams, but I think he’s being criticized unfairly and, in some cases, insincerely. In response to an attack on Wadhams, I posted this comment on

Very few Republicans voted in the Assembly or primary for Maes. They had a choice. Vote against McInnis or vote against Maes. More voted against McPlagiarist than against the man who throws his wife and daughter under the bus. After the primary, Maes sank to 24% in the polls. Great GOP support there. He had 55% or so support of Republicans v. 78% of Dems supporting Hick.

The caucus, Assembly and primary were nullified as new, damaging info came out about first McInnis and then Maes. I called on both to quit on July 13. They obviously were unfit to serve and toast.

This can happen to either party. We have McInnis and Maes. Illinois Dems have Blago. Connecticut dems have Blumenthal who has lied about his Vietnam war record. 

Wadhams did as much as he could with two horrible candidates. He tried to hold the party in line, but a revolt began to develop a couple of weeks ago. And last Wed., a great reporting job by Karen Crummy on Maes’ latest lies became the tipping point.

Just as Barry Goldwater finally decided to tell Nixon to bail, Wadhams, Andrews and Brown tried to tell Maes to go. But Maes is no Nixon. He’s worse as far as I’m concerned.

So this year’s GOP leaders will be remembered for taking a little too long to come to their senses, but by ditching Maes on Thursday and Friday, they’ve saved the Colorado GOP.

Because very few people voted for Maes and most voted against McInnis, GOP primary voters will thank the GOP establishment for ditching Maes and sending out the word that conservatives must back the only straight talking, honest and competent man in the governor’s race—-Tom Tancredo.

If Maes had been a Dem instead of a Republican, Republicans would be gloating and shaming Dems just as Dems are gloating and shaming those partisan Republicans who are so dense that they put party before principles, ethics and competence.

Democrat leaders must be thanking their lucky stars that they aren’t having to play Wadhams’ role. And those who are honest with you will say that Wadhams has played his lousy hand pretty well.

How well we’ll only know on Nov. 2.       

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/06/2010 at 02:49 PM


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