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Denver Post endorses John Hickenlooper

As expected, the Denver Post has endorsed John Hickenlooper for governor. While the editorial offers several reasons for endorsing an Obama spend and tax Democrat over a conservative Tom Tancredo, anyone who has watched the Post demonize Tancredo over the years knows that the Post's editors simply don't like Tancredo's style or what he thinks about illegal immigration, taxes, spending or the world. Of course, editorial endorsements don't mean much and are widely ignored by voters who have many other sources of information in the Internet age.


Tancredo is gaining in the polls on Hickenlooper because Tancredo knows what must be done to save Colorado from being Californiated by the Democrats. Hickenlooper admits that he has no idea about how to restructure the state. He promises to appoint advisory committees comprised of "smart people" who will create a vision for him.

Hick sells his collaborative style, which works when the economy is strong and everyone is collaborating on plans to spend more money and raise taxes.

Collaboration won't work while the economy is weak, budget deficits are soaring and Hick's collaborating special intererests are looking out for themselves, not the taxpayers and residents of Colorado.

What Colorado needs is what Tom Tancredo offers. That is strong leadership, courage and the ability to propose solutions to members of the General Assembly, most of whom are political rookies and need all of the encouragement and support that a strong governor like Tancredo can give them.

Tancredo has spent his 40-year-career being accountable to voters. Hickenlooper has spent his almost eight years in politics trying to avoid accountability on tough issues. A man like Hickenlooper who tells you that he wants to appoint commissions and collaborate rather than make hard decisions and provide leadership is not prepared to be governor.

Tancredo is ready to restructure Colorado's government and services to make them more cost effective. Hickenlooper thinks that because the Great Recession has been declared over he can raise taxes and increase spending. 

Hickenlooper will make Colorado's budgetary and economic problems worse. He'll be another Governor Bill Ritter, and he'll emulate President Obama.

Tancredo knows that it takes time to change the laws and regulations that make Colorado's government unaffordable for taxpayers. Having spent decades as a legislator, he knows how to go for the low-hanging savings and work patiently to solve longer-term problems.

Equally important, if Hickenlooper is elected governor, he will help hard left Democrats redistrict Colorado so that the 49% of Coloradans who say that they are Republicans or leaning Republican will spend the next 10 years paying higher taxes to cover the cost of the increases in spending that Hickenlooper and his union supporters will impose on us. 

Making Hickenlooper governor will be the equivalent of putting Colorado's unionized employees in charge of themselves. They'll give themselves higher wages, more generous pensions and more job security while the people they work for will have less money to spend and will be made jobless as Colorado becomes a lousy place to do business and create jobs.

Tancredo promises to cut spending and to make taxes affordable for everybody, not just the special interests who make the biggest campaign contributions. 

Colorado's voters will have a choice in November. They will choose Hickenlooper to enrich the political class and government employees, or they will choose Tancredo to make Colorado a great place to live and work for all Coloradans.


John Hickenlooper for governor. Denver Post editorial.

Denver Post thread on Facebook.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/01/2010 at 04:56 PM


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