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Denver Post is going after Ken Buck

Having endorsed appointed Obama Democrat Senator Michael Bennet over Republican Ken Buck, the Denver Post is going after Buck, and he's helping them make their point. This makes sense and is predictable. I am doing the same thing on this blog—cheering on Tom Tancredo, Buck and Ryan Frazier while highlighting their opponents' missteps whenever I can. That's politics and attacking candidates is one of America's great political traditions because it informs voters. Yes, the attacks often are unfair and even untrue, but because both sides do it, voters have plenty of time and ways to process all of the opinions and facts that they see and hear during a campaign. Sometimes voters blow it as they did when gullibles elected Obama, but most of the time, they make pretty good decisions. LINKS: Off the cuff, Buck missed the mark; The candidate reaffirmed his knack for sticking his boot in his mouth with his comments about gays choosing their sexuality. Denver Post editorial. Buck's reprimand was no youthful indiscretion, Bob Barr's Denver Post op-ed.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/19/2010 at 08:46 AM


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