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Denver Post’s endorsement of Michael Bennet turned against him by NRSC; Ken Buck’s feet in his mouth

In its endorsement of Obama Democrat Michael Bennet for re-election to the U.S. Senate where he represents his home town of Washington, DC, the Denver Post had some scathing comments about its candidate. The National Republican Senatorial Committee is using those comments in a new commercial (top). Comedians are hitting Ken Buck for his comments about homosexuality. The Left also is running a clip showing Buck has no respect for our long history of separating church and state. These clips could decide the election, which is a toss up:

The script is here:


Title: “Challenges” TV (:30)


Announcer:               The challenges are too important. We need a Senator who’ll fight for us. (Bureau of Labor, Accessed 10/22/10; Bureau Of The Public, Accessed 10/22/10; Stephen Ohlemacher, “Expiring Tax Cuts Hit Taxpayers At Every Level,” The Associated Press, 9/16/10)


Announcer:               But Michael Bennet’s fighting for Obama. Editorial, “Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate,” The Denver Post, 10/15/10


Announcer:               The Denver Post says Bennet’s pushing Obama’s over-reaching agenda… (Editorial, “Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate,” The Denver Post, 10/15/10)


Announcer:               “helping to stick future generations with trillions in debt…” (Editorial, “Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate,” The Denver Post, 10/15/10)


Announcer:               “…and lavishing billions in corporate bailouts and takeovers.” (Editorial, “Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate,” The Denver Post, 10/15/10)


Announcer:               The Post summed up Bennet’s Senate career in just three words: “not enough spine.” (Editorial, “Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate,” The Denver Post, 10/15/10)


                                               Announcer:               We need a Senator for us, not them.



Post, Sentinel endorse Michael Bennet, pick the man they like over stopping spending, tax increases, The Business Word, 10.17.2010.


Bennet for the Senate. Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.


Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate. Denver Post.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/25/2010 at 12:26 PM

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