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Extremists’ ballot issues 60, 61, 101, 62 being crushed; Colorado rejects extremist Obama Democrats

A new Denver Post/ 9News poll shows that voters are rejecting the extremism of Obama Democrats and of the backers of ballot issues 60, 61, 101 and 62 (the personhood, or the anti-abortion, anti-contraception amendment). People understand Obama and don't like what they see. He scares most people, and they will vote in November to reduce his power to change America into another failed European country. 


The survey found that 53% of likely Colorado voters have an unfavorable opinion of the job Obama is doing. It showed 10% of voters support Amendments 60 and 61 while 12% support  Proposition 101. Use the links in the first column to learn about how these tax cutting amendments would hurt Colorado.

Similarly, the extremists behind 60, 61, 101 and 62 (the Taliban amendment) are being taught a lesson that they have failed and will fail to learn again and again. You can try to push your agenda with reasonable and acceptable ballot issues, but when you try to take advantage of the public mood to impose your views and values on people in ways that will hurt them tremendously, you'll be crushed. When an initiative gets the support of only 10% of likely voters, it is crushed.

When politicians and issue advocates decide that they can fool voters, they learn that voters are smarter than they are. That's what's happening to Obama Democrats and the backers of 60,61, 101 and 62.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/04/2010 at 07:20 AM


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