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Facebook, Twitter,,, violate your privacy

Facebook privacy continues to be a problem on, Politico, Daily Caller and other sites. When you recommend an article via FB, you get an opt-in request that says if you use the FB connection, you give or whatever site access to the names of your friends, your profile info and more. The sites sell this info to marketers and spammers.

If you click "don't allow" the connection is cancelled. I don't use the FB connection on because I don't trust News Corp., which owns The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and Fox News. The comment section also is programmed to invade your privacy and often requires a new log in even though you're logged into It's all very frustrating to me.

Similarly, I don't use's Facebook connection.

FB and the sites that want you to recommend their articles to your FB friends say that they're not violating our privacy because our Friends and profile info are available to anyone who checks us out on FB. I believe only we should know who our FB and Twitter friends are. Our friends' names should be confidential, imho.

I haven't signed up for Google+ because it wants access to all of my info and the right to sell that info just like FB and Twitter do. 

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/25/2011 at 11:23 AM

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