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Global warming skeptics should distrust Mitt Romney’s sell out on ethanol and other mandates

There is no way that any Republican or independent can trust Mitt Romney's sell outs on global warming and corn ethanol. The guy has proven that he will say whatever will win him votes in the Iowa caucuses and general election.

Yet the Denver Post's pretend conservative, Vincent Carroll, is trying to bash 

global warming skeptics who are attacking Romney's lack of intellectual integrity on global warming and corn ethanol, which is an expensive subsidy for corn farmers, not a defense against Middle Eastern petroleum producers.

Vincent Carroll is trying to have it both ways. He seems to back Romney and is defending the Big Intrusive Government Republican's apparent inclination to mandate not only that we buy health insurance but also mandate that we buy ethanol.
Romney's a smart guy. He can read. He can judge the claims and proposals by scientists without being a scientist. All he has to do is read and talk to scientists who believe that humans are warming the globe and to those who have determined that the Gorean global warming alarmists not only have been doing bad science but also are talking their own books. 
If Romney was being honest, which he is not, he would say that contrary to Bush, Obama and other mindless politicians, the science hasn't proved one way or another that humans have anything to do with global warming. He could say that letting Gorean Alarmists dictate job-killing policies is not justified by the available science and information.
Instead, with his eyes firmly planted not only on the Iowa caucuses, but also on the Corn Belt electoral votes, Romney joins presidential candidates from both parties in promoting the ethanol scam, which really is a vote buying scheme designed to win Corn Belt votes.
That the Senate recently voted by a huge margin to end $5 billion in ethanol tax subsidies shows that the public and Senate have decided that the global warming cult has cost and will cost America millions of jobs. Even Al Gore admits that he promoted ethanol only because he wanted to win votes in the 2000 Iowa caucuses.
What Caroll ignores is the extremism of the Gorean global warming alarmists and his allies in the Obama administration's EPA. When you encounter such extremism, you need a strong message that educates the public about the questions that remain to be answered.
By agreeing with the Gorean alarmists, Romney is selling out to them and betraying his country instead of advancing the debate and asking important questions.
Romney thinks smart people can solve all of our problems. What we've learned over the last 160 years is that the smart central planners in Washington get it wrong 90% of the time.
And they're wrong on climate change and green energy today.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 06/22/2011 at 10:37 AM

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