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GOP debate

I'm live blogging the debate:

Gov. Perry gets the first question. Dodges question about education in Texas.


Perry looks and sounds strong.

Williams hits Romney on MA employment record.

Romney hits it out of the ball park.

Asked about Bain, buys companies, strips them and sells them.

Romney hits that one out. We added 10s of thousands of jobs. Experience in succeeding and failing is what gives him experience needed to turn economy around. Good replies. 

Time for Perry rebuttal.

Perry attacks Romney's job record as gov. i Mass.

Romney says wait a second. 

Texas has oil and gas, zero income taxes. Perry didn't create those things. Takes on Perry strongly and with humor.

Perry and Romney in great dust up that makes both look good.


Santorum: I've done things. Sounds as good as Perry and Romney on tax record. Will get Democratic votes.

Cain: Eliminate current tax code. Refers to his plan. His 9, 9, 9% plan. It makes no sense.  Sounds authoritative, if misinformed.

Is China currency manipulator?

Huntsman. Romney doesn't get that what will fix the relationship is fixing our core at home. Now is not the time to enter a trade war. Recalls Reagan trip to China. Offers governors: we were number one job creator.  Attacks Romney on being 47th. He's swinging for the fences. Promotes his foreign experience.

For Bachmann: Wanting less regulation? Which prohibitive to her small business. Bachmann attacks ObamCare. Leading small business owners say its cutting jobs. ObamaCare is killing jobs. 47% of African American kids without jobs. 

For Paul. Absolutist in opposing roles of Fed government. Does this include making cars, medicine and air travel safe? Paul: I don't believe any these fed regs. Need regs of the free market. If need regs, do it at state level. 

Williams argues with Paul over regs: FDA doesn't do a good job. Lobbyists from drug industry has control of writing the regulations. Paul gets applause.

Gingrich: In intro to Fed UP, Gingrich praised Perry. Talks about his career in House. Attacks Obama.

Harris asks question about health care, plays Romney clip: Said what he did in Mass was great opportunity for the rest of the Country. 

Perry says MA shows individual mandate won't work.

Romney: He will put out waiver to ObamaCare for all 50 states. Mass was different from other states. People were cheating and free riding the system. What Obama put in place isnn't going to work and it's massive expensive.

Perry: 25% of Texans don't have insurance. Texans don't want what MA have. Medicaid needs to be block granted back to the states. Get Feds out of our biz when it comes to healthcare. Will deliver better and more cost effective care.

Why so many uninsured? Perry: Asked Feds for flexibility. Feds won't give them. States can do a better job of delivering health care.

Huntsman on mandate: Mandates wrong. Talk about individual responsibility. Utah did better than Rick and we don't have a mandate. Once ObamaCare is repealed what we do now. Utah perfect example. Huntsman is looking good.

Bachmann: ObamaCare took over 1/6th of economy. Need strong, bold leader to overturn ObamaCare, not just executive order. Says need 13 more GOP senators to repeal ObamaCare. False promise.

Gingrich: I'm not interested in your effort to get Republicans fighting each other. Every person understands ObamaCare is a disaster. Lots of applause. Great statement. Gingrich says he will repudiate every effort of media to protect Obama.

Cain: Individual mandate to buy something is not right at state or at Federal level. Pass patient centered care. Allow assn. health plans. He's better informed and briefed than a few weeks ago.

Hits Santorum as Catholic and on the issue on the poor. Santorum hits it back saying he worked for the poor. We changed the welfare system because it was punishing people. Great answer. Not phased by a pointed question.

Williams on wealth gap between whites and blacks. Perry doesn't answer. We need to create a strong economy for all. Create environment that encourages small business owners to invest in new businesses.

Twitter questions:

4 Romney: Can a president do anything about gas prices? Romney we can stop spending outside the country. Good riff on energy policy. We can become energy secure and create jobs. Attacks Obama energy policies.He's strangling America's economy. Let's have real jobs.

Bachmann: If gov pulled back on regs could see another 1.2 million jobs. Good strong answer.

Huntsman: President can't dictate gas prices. Presidential leadership manners. Tells Obama to get in front of the teleprompter and speak from the heart. We need a president that will provide leadershiop. Another good response.

Paul: Getting rid of minimum wage would be good for workers. Turns to health care. Perry supported HillaryCare. Isn't Medicare a mandate? Everything we do is a mandate.

Perry: Supported Reagan in '76 and all along and all his issues and his programs. But in the 1980s we spent too much and taxed too much. It was not all that great. Huge deficits during the 80s.

Perry handles Social Security question. Calls it a Ponzi scheme. A lie.

Karl has been over the top for a long time in someof his remarks. If Cheney or anyone else says SS is sound, that is just a like. We know that,  the American people know that.

Harris: Dems itching to use that language against Republicans. Romney, funding isn't the issue. SS is not a failure for those living on SS. Our nominee can't be committed to abolishing but saving SS. I will make sure that we make it financially secure. It is working for millions of Americans and I will keep it working. Good answer.

Perry: American people expect results. Maybe it's time to have provacative language.

Cain: SS needs fiing. Chilean model. Give younger people a choice and over time eliminate the broken system we have. 

Paul: About Perry's record in pushing for bail out money for illegals. HIV. Paul says Perry much less conservatie than he says. HIV vaccine not good medicine or policy. Not a good process. Executive order. Legislature overwhelming lly repealed. I will not use executive orders to write law.

Bachmann: Parents need to make that decision. That is just plain wrong on her part. Takes that to education. Says parents must control educaton. Wants no Fed gov. in education.

Perry: Facts. There was an opt out. Admits he didn't handle it right. I always will error on side of saving lives.

Santorum: Dept. of Homeland Security. Explains his vote.  Attacks Perry on HIV and parental rights. What about opt in v opt out. 

Romney: Believes in parental rights. Perry would like to do it differentlly. Give him a Mulligan. I think his heart was in right place. People on stage love America. President has to go. He doesn't have a clue on how to get this coiuntry working again.  Slick.

Gingrich: D Homeland Security. There are people want to kill us. Need capacity to respond to attacks.

Paul: Airlines are responsible for their passengers and cargos. TSA monstrosity. Sexual abuse. Airlines could do it. 9/11 setup by gov regs that told airline employes to not resist.

Brian Williams argues for FEMA and federal aid. What happens without FEMA. We should never have had it. Govt. is broke. I worked real hard to make FEMA work. $20 bill year for air conditionin Afghanistan. Bring that home for FEMA.

Cantor says money for FEMA should come out of other spending in govt. Cain Don 't eliminate FEMA.

The federal govt is not good at micromanaging any thing, Cain says.

Huntsman: Need Homeland Security Dept. that really works. Why spend all of this time on the smaller issues?

14 million unemployed. Huntsman, asks people to look how get country back on its feet.  Touts his econ record in UT. 

We've got to get back in the game as a country, Huntsman says.

Williams attacks Perry on education  and his education budgets. Perry: made thoughtful reductions. Texas grad rates up to 84%. Our 4th & 8th graders highest in country. With illegals, unique situation in TX. We will continue to have one of the finest workforces in the coiuntry when CAT, etc.. moving to the state.

Gingrich: On educations. Promotes charter schools. In favor of school choice. public or private. Will never reform bureaucracy. 

Hispanic questioner. On immigration reform.

What would make the border secure. Perry, need boots on ground. Had request for 1,000 and working for 3,000. Need drones. You can secure the border. Then have a discussion about reform.  Attacks Obama comments that safe on the border. 

Romney: We ought to have a fence. Need enough agents to secure. Regulate employers. Sanctuary cities. They have to be stopped. Turn off that magnet. We can't talk about amnesty. Let 7 million who are waitinh to dome in legally.

Gingrich: Reagan signed amnesty with understanding that control border. Outsource to credit card companies so no counterfeiting. Have to find a way to deal with people who've been here 25 years and have kids.

Santorum. Kid of immigrant. Irrelevant. Filibusters. This is not the 1920s, Senator. Promotes people cominghere legally. Can't discuss what to do with people who are here until secure the border.

If a fence, border secure, gas $2, what do with 11 million people here. Bachmann. In Mexico dealing with terrorists. Can't yield our sovereignity to Mexico. Can do that. Hispanic American community wants us to stop giving subsidies for illegals. What do with 11 million depends on the people. Bachmann hits problem out of park.

Cain: secure bofder, promote current path to citizenship, empower states to enforce the laws.

Huntsman: Agrees with other comments. It's a human issue. Has 2 daughters who immigrated legally. Our legal immigration system is broken. 

Paul: Remove incentives---citizenship, free health care, free education. The drug war driven by our drug laws. Fences and troops not the American way. The fence business will be used against us and keep us in.

Just lost a bunch of copy. 

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/07/2011 at 06:03 PM

'12 President

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