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If Tea Party candidates win, will we get smaller government?

Tea Party folks supposedly are demanding smaller government with less spending and lower taxes. But many of the so-called Tea Party candidates really are Big Government—in-your bedroom, at-your-death-bed—Republicans. In Colorado, most Republican candidates support imposing the heavy hand of big government on women and men who use contraceptives and on women who believe that they should have the right to determine whether or not they will have abortions. That is, they support the Big Government Republicans’ Amendment 62, which is known as the personhood amendment. I oppose Big Government Democrats and Big Government Republicans and the intrusions of Amendment 62. In a normal year, I’d vote against all candidates who support Amendment 62 as a matter of principle. But bigger principles are at stake. The economic future of our country is at tremendous risk, and without a strong economy and secure borders, social issues won’t be important. So I’m supporting some Big Government Republicans this year.

Amendment 62 probably will go down to defeat anyway, regardless of what GOP candidates support. Indeed, Amendment 62 may bring out enough women voters to defeat Amendment 62 as well as the Big Government Republicans who support it. Peggy Noonan says the Tea Party folks support small government, but that’s not really true. They’re supporting Republicans who are pretending to be small government politicians but are backing Big Government totalitarianism as much as their Democrat opponents are. It’s really hard to support Big Government Republicans or Big Government Democrats this year. LINK: Why it’s time for the Tea Party, by Peggy Noonan. Ken Buck toeing the punch line, by Mike Littwin. The backlash myth, by David Brooks. Mike Pence: Don’t abandon social issues, by Jake Sherman. No 62.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/17/2010 at 12:28 PM


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