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Ken Buck doesn’t seem to know what he believes; he may be blowing election

This may be a very sad day for conservatives, Colorado Republicans and those who are working to reduce President Obama's power in the U.S. Senate. Ken Buck is blowing his chance to beat appointed Obama Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Washington, DC).

Ken Buck is showing that he doesn't know what he believes. He's showing that he wants to be a U.S. Senator so bad that he will say and do anything to win, much like President Obama. He's flip flopping on  issues more than John Kerry and Bob Beauprez ever did.

And Buck is making strange and thoughtless promises like few Senate candidates running this year or in years past.

Over the weekend, his spokesman said he opposes the anti-women, anti-abortion, anti-contraception and anti-rape victim "personhood" Amendment 62 because it would outlaw commonly used contraceptives. Yesterday, Buck went back to effectively supporting Amendment 62 by saying he wouldn't take a position on the Amendment or any initiatives on this year's ballot. Obviously, the backlash from his Big Government base after he retracted his support for Amendment 62 was too much for Buck. He couldn't take the heat and folded, according to reports on Channel 9 and on The Spot.

Buck is for controlling government spending. He has vowed to never vote for a bill that included a tax increase. Given his lack of courage on abortion and the personhood amendment, should voters believe that he'll vote against spending on projects favored by his campaign contributors? Will he vote against a tax increase if it's in a bill that also pays off the special interest groups who are supporting his campaign? Buck has created a lot of doubts about how strongly he believes in anything, including economic conservatism.

Buck also says he would support a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Such an amendment is popular these days, but it also looks like one of the most irresponsible gambits of the political season. A balance budget amendement would put the country on the brink of default forever. And it would give small special interest groups the power to blackmail the president and Congress on unrelated issues. Think abortion, climate change, ethanol subsidies, bailouts for California, New York, Illinois and other states and amnesty for illegal immigrants. All supporters of those issues would have to do is threaten to throw America into bankruptcy unless they got their way to get their bills passed. 

As a Republican, I'm expected to loyally support the party's candidates during this stage of the election cycle. That is what i want to do. But I cannot in good conscience stay quiet when a Republican or a Democrat shows that he or she is so politically motivated that values don't matter. I oppose the personhood amendment and any legislation that puts the political power of people who want to tell women what they must do with their lives and bodies ahead of the interests of those women.

Buck wants voters to forget his extreme positions on the social issues. He wants them to give him a pass when he says something extreme in an attempt to win a few votes. And he wants voters to overlook his attempts to flip flop on serious issues. 

Tea Party voters aren't the only ones who mistrust today's politicians. Everyone does, and Buck has done tremendous damage to the Tea Party folks who support him and to his candidacy by letting the personhood lobby turn him into "Both ways Buck."


CBA/CWBA denounce amendment 62 as bad law, bad policy, a legal nightmare. No 62.

Rape, incest victims rally against Buck. By Gene Davis.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/22/2010 at 09:38 AM

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