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Michael Bennet Dems trying to turn Ken Buck’s decision in 5-year-old rape case into major scandal

Appointed Obama Democrat Michael Bennet (D-Washington, DC) is as notorious for lying about Republicans as the man he represents in Washington, President Barack Obama. Now his backers have come up with what looks like an anti-women story that they're trying to turn into a scandal that will cost Buck the votes of women. The fact that another DA agreed with Buck's decision on a 2005 rape case and that after he was criticized for the way he handled the case he helped create a Sexual Assault Review Team in his county may make it hard for the Bennet Dems to demonize him. But the left-wing Colorado Independent is publishing a three-part series this week on Buck's  "stance on women's issues" in an attempt to make him look as bad as possible to women. The smear campaign is heating up.

The hard left has found a woman who wanted Buck to charge her former boyfriend with rape. She has a tape of her conversation with Buck. She made the tape secretly to, apparently, trap him in some way.

Buck and, he says, the Boulder County district attorney, both decided that a jury wouldn't convict because the "victim" invited her ex-boyfriend to her apartment and she apparently got drunk. The DA's decided that the jury would see the case as a buyer's remorse case and that they wouldn't believe the victim 's claim that her ex boyfriend had raped her.

So the Bennet Dems, always looking for a good lie, are trying to paint Buck as insensitive and wrong-headed about women's issues.

After all, he thinks women who are raped and victims of incest should not be allowed to have abortions.

If that's not enough to convince women to vote for Bennet, maybe a little ginned up scandal will.  Well, the "victim" must be happy to be getting her revenge on Buck, if not on her ex boyfriend. 

Note the anti-Buck "blame her" slant to the  story and the headline. Of course, I've written a pro-Buck hed and blog. LINK: Rape case haunts Buck in Colo, by David Catanese. 

The story broke in the Colorado Independent, which is affiliated with the state's Democrats and other left-wing organizations. Buck's refusal to prosecute 2005 rape case reverberates in U.S. Senate race; Critics: Weld DA's treatment of alleged victim 'shows his view of women. By Scot Kersgaard.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/11/2010 at 04:28 PM

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