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Michael Bennet is Obama’s favorite hard left Senator

There are a lot of reasons that appointed Obama Democrat Michael Bennet (D-Washington, DC) is President Obama’s favorite Senate Democrat. Bennet grew up in Washington, DC, and he represents the liberals who live there, not Colorado.

Bennet has rubber stamped the $780 billion stimulus bill that hasn’t stimulated anybody but the power-corrupted Democrats like him who voted for it. He pushed for an even more anti-Colorado ObamaCare than he wound up voting for. He supports environmental legislation that would make America more dependent on our enemies for oil, and everyone knows that he would vote for the unions’ card check legislation that would restrict the economic freedom of all Americans.

That Bennet is refusing to support Obama’s latest gambit to buy votes with a $50 billion spend and tax bill that would be paid for by taxing Colorado’s energy producers only means that he is about to be beat by Ken Buck and that Obama has told him to do whatever he has to do to win.

And that’s in keeping with everything the Democrats have done over the last six years. They will do anything to win, regardless of what it does to Americans. The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein tells MSNBC, the cable network of the Democratic Party, why Obama likes Bennet:

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/14/2010 at 04:47 PM

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