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Michael Bennet’s ground team beats Ken Buck’s by 6,940 votes; minor parties take almost 90,000 votes

With about 87% of the votes counted, Democrat Senator Michael Bennet (D-Washington, DC), is beating Republican Ken Buck by 6,940 votes, or about 47.5% to 47.1%, according to data posted at Fox 31. Minor party candidates are taking almost 90,000 votes from both Bennet and Buck, but it looks like they're taking more from Buck.


Green Party candidate, Bob Kinsey has 35,275 votes that he obviously took from the very green Bennet.

Maclyn Stringer (Libertarian) is taking 20,365 from Buck and Jason Napolitano is taking another 17,838 from him for a total of 38,203 votes. Charley Miller (unaffiliated) and J. Moromisato (unaffiliated) are taking another 15,652 from the Democratic and Republican Senate candidates.

Organization at the precinct level is very important in close contests like Colorado's U.S. Senate race.

Bennet and John Hickenlooper, who won the Colorado gubernatorial race, obviously won because they were able to rally President Obama's famous ground team to get out the vote. Buck had to organize his own get-out-the-vote  organization while Tancredo didn't have time or money needed to organize one during his short three months in the gubernatorial race, which he entered on July 29.

It appears that the Democrats' ground teams beat the Republicans' phone banks and robo calls. As far as I could tell, the Democrats had a much stronger e-mail campaign than Buck and Tancredo did. And Hickenlooper definitely out spent Tancredo while Bennet's supporters probably outspent Buck's.

Before the election, there were reports that Democrats were going door-to-door collecting mail and absentee ballots. It's unknown how many mail and abstentee ballots were collected or how many were fraudently cast, if any, but that will be one of the big mysteries of this campaign.

Eric Holder's prosecutors and FBI won't investigate.

Perhaps Colorado's Republican Secretary of State-elect, Scott Gessler, will be able to prevent such voter fraud in future elections.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/03/2010 at 06:15 AM


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