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Mike Coffman, Doug Lamborn vote no on budget deficit, 5 Dems vote to extend unemployment benefits

Both of Colorado's House Republicans voted for fiscal responsibility on the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act (HR 6419). All five Colorado House Democreats continued to vote for spend and tax Obama Democratic policies when they voted for the bill, which failed 258 to 154. A two-thirds super majority was needed to pass the bill.

Republicans voted against the bill because it didn't provide for budget cuts that would offset the cost of the bill. Also,  conservative economists say that the continuation of unemployment benefits gives unemployed workers incentives to accept the benefits rather than taking jobs that pay less than they think they should be paid. Everyone thinks they are underpaid. And millions would rather be on welfare than work for less than they made in their previous jobs. 

Of course, millions of unemployed have been willing to take just about any job rather than take unemployment benefits. And millions more are having tough times finding any kinds of jobs. The question is, how many who have been unemployed for a long time have been enjoying their time off work and their unemployment beenfits too much? 


Now we will see whether putting pressure on the unemployed as their benefits expire will cause them to take jobs that they think are below them and that require them to work. 


The votes are here:


Mike Coffman (R CD 6) N

Doug Lamborn  (R CD 5) N


Diana DeGette (D CD 1) Y

Betsy Markey (D CD 4) Y

Ed Perllmutter (D CD 7) Y

Jared Polis (D CD 2) Y

John Salazar  (D CD 3) Y

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/18/2010 at 07:03 PM

ColoradoPoliticsCongress 112th

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