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Mike Coffman officially endorses Tom Tancredo for governor

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-CD 6) today officially endorsed American Constitution Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo. Coffman told Tancredo about the endorsement a week ago and Tancredo disclosed it a couple of days later. Coffman originally backed Republican Dan Maes for governor. He withdrew that endorsement after it became known that Maes had lied about his career as a police officer. The Tancredo announcement is after the jump:


Coffman Urges Republicans to Vote Tancredo for Governor 

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COCongressman Mike Coffman (R-CO-6) became the latest high-profile Republican official to endorse Tom Tancredo for Governor, saying today that Tancredo is the type of leader Colorado needs to restore fiscal discipline and put the state back on the path of economic growth. 

“After hearing Tom Tancredo, Dan Maes, and John Hickenlooper at the candidate forum in Glendale on October 4th it became clear to me that I could no longer vote for Dan Maes for governor,” said Coffman. “What Colorado needs during these tough economic times is not another politician who ‘just wants to be governor’ but a strong and decisive leader like Tom Tancredo who will get our state’s economy back on track.”

Coffman's endorsement is the latest example of what has become a groundswell of Republican support in recent weeks for Tancredo's independent gubernatorial bid.  A recent poll showed Tancredo trailing the Democrat frontrunner by only eight points after surging more than 20 points in just over a month.

Meanwhile the scandal-plagued GOP nominee Dan Maes has continued to drop in the polls amid troubling reports of resume-padding and a series of hefty fines for numerous campaign finance violations. Maes' level of support continues to hover slightly above single digits in most polls.

"I am honored to have Mike Coffman's support," said Tancredo. "His endorsement is a huge lift to our effort."

"We are leading among independents, and Republicans are lining up one by one behind our underdog campaign every day," said Tancredo. "We're going to shock the experts on election night."

Tancredo has been endorsed by a number of prominent Republican leaders, including former Congressmen Joel HefleyBob Schaffer, and Bob Beauprez, state Senator and former Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, Assistant Senate Minority Leader Greg Brophystate Senators Ted Harvey and Shawn Mitchellstate Representatives Kent Lambert, Cheri Gerou, Marsha Looper, and Spencer Swalm, and dozens of other current and former elected officials and grassroots activists.


Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/11/2010 at 05:32 PM

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