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Mitt Romney, Rick Perry back mandates that force Americans to buy health insurance and services

We have two guys in Rick Perry and Mitt Romney who believe in mandating that Americans buy certain health care services and products that they think everyone must have for the good of the country. Romney's the leading GOP candidate for his party's presidential nomination, and Perry is thinking about taking on Romney.

ObamneyCare Mitt believes it's ok for states to mandate 


that everyone buy health insurance. That's a weird spin on the 10th Amendment. Ethanol Romney believes Al Gore global warming alarmists and the discredited Gorean academics who say that we must buy ethanol, electric cars, four-cyclinder cars and expensive light bulbs even though that won't make a dent in China's carbon footprint, which is irrelevant anyway.
The Texas theologian, Rick Perry, wants to appoint people to the US Supreme court who will overturn Roe v. Wade and enforce his mandate that all women must buy the services of midwives and OBs instead of aborting unwanted fetuses. He wants to mandate that teenagers who get pregnant spend the rest of their lives staring into the eyes of the kids of their rapists and/or having night mares about the rapists and their kids. Perry wants to mandate that rape and incest victims spend their lives as customers of the welfare state and Medicaid providers because those kids are very unlikely to get decent educations and jobs as single moms in poverty.
And, of course, Perry has used tax credits to attract employers to Texas. He believes in government subsidies and tax credits for energy producers. In effect then, he's all for mandating that the 50% or so of Americans who pay income taxes subsidize his favored few campaign contributors. 
Like Obama and Romney, Perry will do anything at our expense to get himself elected. Nobody's perfect.
W's legacy is Obama. You can't do worse than that, but Romney is trying.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 06/16/2011 at 11:44 AM

'12 President

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