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Mitt Romney supports state health insurance mandates, ethanol mandates, Big Intrusive Government

Mitt Romney used a Monday meeting with Aurora, CO, Republicans to defend state health insurance mandates while he hypocritically blasted ObamaCare, which probably is unconstitutional because it mandates that all Americans buy health insurance.

What's so disturbing is that Romney supports state mandates that 


residents buy health insurance. He says the states have the right to impose mandates while it's unconstitutional for the Feds to do so. He boasts that Mass. residents like their mandated health insurance, which has nearly bankrupted the state and its health insurers and has made it very difficult to get to see a doctor in less than two months.

Ethanol Romney supports federal mandates that we buy ethanol, which increases pollution and cuts our mileage by 20%. And he is an Al Gore global warming alarmist, which means he supports mandates that we pay higher prices for electricity, buy electric and hybrid cars and subsidize uneconomic "green" energy jobs and companies like General Electric, which lives off tax credits and government subsidies, direct and indirect.
What government mandates does Romney not like? I think he'll support any mandate that will win him votes in the Iowa and S. Carolina primaries and in the general election. General Electric probably will be one of his biggest supporters.
Romney is a Big Intrusive Government Republican, both fiscally and on social issues. He sees himself as a successful fixer. He believes in centralized planning, which has failed around the world and in the U.S. over the last 100 years or so. He blasts Obama for not creating jobs. Presidents don't create jobs, but Obama sure has killed millions of jobs by scaring consumers and employers with his anti-business rants.
In Mass., Romney pulled an Obama before Obama even showed his leadership style. Romney had to let the hard left leaders in his legislature write RomneyCare. He had no choice, because the Democrats had a veto-proof majority in the legislature, and they used it.
Romney showed that he isn't up to being president in Mass. when he proposed RomneyCare to a legislature that he knew would take his idea and turn it into the disaster that it is. 
To say that 2/3 of Mass. residents like RomneyCare only shows how ignorant most consumers are about health insurance and how hard left the people of Mass. are. 
That former Gov. Bill Owens, Attorney General John Suthers and State Treasurer Walker Stapleton and the Colorado GOP establishment are backing Romney is the kiss of death. The GOP establishment has a long record of backing losers in Colorado.
President George W. Bush's legacy is Obama. You can't do worse than that, but Ethanol and Health Mandates Romney is trying.
Mitt Romney versus the many, by Alexander Burns.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 06/21/2011 at 06:04 AM

'12 President

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