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Obama Democrats run Denver Post; back spend & tax nanny staters, John Hickenlooper, Michael Bennet

The Denver Post is proud to be Colorado's liberal paper, and it's not the only paper controlled by the Left in the state. Under the pretense of backing the best men (which is debatable), John Hickenlooper for governor and Michael Bennet for the U.S. Senate, the Post is showing that Obama Democrats are in charge of the Post's editorial page. This is even though there are three conservatives on its editorial board.


By endorsing spend and tax nanny state Obama Democrats Hickenlooper and Bennet, the Post is trying to sentence Coloradans to a jobless recovery, higher state and federal taxes, lower standards of living and the increased corruption that naturally comes with bigger and bigger governments. Unions and companies that have contracts with state and municipal government agencies will profit, but that won't do Coloradans any good, because most of those unions and companies are based in other states.

Today's Post does Hickenlooper's negative campaigning for him. He pretends he's running a "positive" campaign knowing his back stabbing friends at the Post, other papers and secretive out-of-state organizations will do his dirty work for him.

In its editorial, the Post paints a very negative picture of Tom Tancredo. It basically calls him another Obama—divisive, partisan, outrageous and self centered. Yes, Tancredo believes and has said everything the Post says he believes and has said. But a lot of Coloradans disagree with the Post's anti-American, big corrupt government sentiments and agree with Tancredo's pro-American, small government beliefs.

Just as Obama is telling Americans that they are dumb for supporting Republicans and that Democrats and independents who are voting Republican this year are "irresponsible," the Post is telling its readers that they are nuts if they support Tancredo.

You can't be any more condescending and scornful toward your constituents and customers than Obama and the Post are.

What Obama is refusing to see is that the "community" he has tried to organize isn't buying his leadership or his hard left, job-killing and anti-American agenda.

And the Post also is in denial. With its circulation falling almost as fast as Dan Maes' poll numbers, the Post doesn't see that Colorado voters want a governor who knows how to free the state's small business owners and their employes to buy stuff from each other and create jobs. The Post is backing candidates who will keep its home building advertisers and auto dealers in a deep recession. And it's supporting Hickenlooper and Bennet's tax and spend agendas that will take money out of consumers' pockets.

Basically, the Post is telling voters to support power greedy politicians like Hickenlooper and Bennet, not Colorado's workers, home builders, auto dealers, restaurants, retailers or tourism industry.

I think and hope Colorado's voters are smarter than the hard left editorial writers at the Denver Post, Grand Junction Sentinel and other papers that are endorsing Hickenlooper and Bennet.

What's frustrating is that Ken Buck and Tom Tancredo aren't doing a very good job of telling voters what the stakes are. They seem incapable of explaining how a smaller government, less government spending, lower taxes and more liberties for all would create jobs and prosperity. 


Colo. can't afford to elect Tancredo. Denver Post editorial.

Post, Sentinel endorse Michael Bennet, pick the man they like over stopping spending, tax increases, by Donald E. L. Johnson, 10.17.2010.

Denver Post endorses Michael Bennet for Senate, by Donald E. L. Johnson, 10.15.2010.

Denver Post endorses John Hickenlooper, by Donald E. L. Johnson, 10.2.2010.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/28/2010 at 09:21 AM


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