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Peggy Noonan: Obama won’t even make a good former president; Sarah Palin doesn’t get Ronald Reagan

President Obama and Sarah Palin are getting some poor reviews from Wall Street Journal Columnist Peggy Noonan. And U.S. News publisher Mort Zuckerman says America's love affair with Obama is over. Frank Rich blasts both the GOP and Obama in Barack Obama, phone home. In Noonan's Saturday column that everyone should read, Americans vote for maturity; Obama gets a rebuke, but so do Republicans who seem unqualified, she writes:

On Wednesday, President Obama gave a news conference to share his thoughts. Viewers would have found it disappointing if there had been any viewers. The president is speaking, in effect, to an empty room. From my notes five minutes in: "This wet blanket, this occupier of the least interesting corner of the faculty lounge, this joy-free zone, this inert gas." By the end I was certain he will never produce a successful stimulus because he is a human depression. 

Actually I thought the worst thing you can say about a president: He won't even make a good former president.

Zuckerman is a billionaire who got sucked in by Obama' in the 2008 elections along with millions of other gullibles. Now he writes that Obama

. . . came across as a young man in a grown-up's game—impressive but not presidential. A politician but not a leader, managing American policy at home and American power abroad with disturbing amateurishness. Indeed, there was a growing perception of the inability to run the machinery of government and to find the right people to manage it. A man who was once seen as a talented and even charismatic rhetorician is now seen as lacking real experience or even the ability to stop America's decline. "Yes we can," he once said, but now America asks, "Can he?"

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/06/2010 at 04:43 PM

'12 President

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