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Perry, Bachmann, Romney Big Intrusive Government Republicans

What's interesting is that Perry, Bachmann and Romney all are Big Intrusive Government Republicans on both fiscal and social issues. 

Perry has a long record of using state 

and federal funds to create government jobs and invest in the business startups of his largest campaign contributors. That he's played Texas politics as far as legally possible makes him look like a Chicago Obama Democrat.

Romney is trying to appeal to U.S. Chamber of Commerce government contractors, The Business Roundtable's beneficiaries of government spending and higher taxes and Obama Democrat Warren Buffett who wants higher taxes for the rich instead of tax reforms that would eliminate his lucrative tax loopholes. Ethanol and Mandate Romney endorses Gorean global warming alarmists who want more centralized planning and government spending on not only ethanol but other GE green energy and medical products and services.

Elvis Bachmann is known for a gaffe a day, and today she predicted that as president she would have her centralized Big Government planners cut the cost of gasoline below $2. Of course, that would be after her secretary of Commerce, Mitt Romney, who's known as Mr. Fixit, turned the economy around during Bachmann's first three months in office.

All three of these Big Government Republicans say they would create jobs as president. How they can say this after watching Obama's job-creating efforts actually kill jobs is as baffling as Bernanke's quantitative easings and devaluations of the dollar.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 08/17/2011 at 09:58 PM

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