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RomneyCare has been a costly failure for Massachussetts

RomneyCare's costly failures will dog Mitt Romney until he explains how it has gone wrong and how he would fix the politically distorted health care and health insurance markets. So far, he's called for repeal of ObamaCare, but he seems incapable of showing that he's learned from RomneyCare's mistakes. Sally Pipes, a leading analyst of health insurance and health care markets in Canada and the U.S., spells out the cost of RomneyCare for Forbes. . Impact graphs:


The anniversary has proved especially inconvenient for former Massachusetts Governor and probable Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who argued forcefully for his state's reforms. In 2006 he boldly stated, "Every uninsured citizen in Massachusetts will soon have affordable health insurance and the cost of health care will be reduced."

When signing the bill into law, Romney claimed that it would "take about three years to get all of our citizens insured." In 2006 the number of uninsured in Massachusetts ranged from 372,000 to 618,000. Five years later, over 100,000 remain uninsured.Five years later, that prediction has proved false. Worse, the Massachusetts experiment offers an ominous preview of what lies ahead for the rest of the nation under ObamaCare.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 04/28/2011 at 08:40 PM

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