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Sarah Palin’s thin skin, distrust of strangers, instincts and small inner circle say she’s not ready

A profile of Sarah Palin in the Nov. 21 Sunday New York Times Magazine, The Palin Network, by Robert Draper, paints her as:

  1. Paranoid and unable to trust policy experts, political consultants or the media.
  2. Thin skinned and bitter about slights large and small that she's suffered since John McCain picked her to be his vice presidential running mate in 2008.
  3. Obsessed with her celebrity.
  4. Convinced that she can become president despite poor poll ratings and the Republican Party establisment's skepticism.
  5. A skilled communicator on the stump and at the keyboard where she taps out headline-grabbing missives on Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Surrounded by a small number of nobodies who surround her because they are nobodies.
  7. A do-it-yourself politician who has trouble dealing with people who know more than she does and who are smarter than she is. Great politicians recruit people who are smarter and stronger than they are. Lousy executives and politicians recruit people who suck up on command.
  8. Hard working, often putting in 20-hour days.
  9. Frenetic and so over scheduled that one wonders whether she has time for her family.
  10. Defiant of all who question her intellect and knowledge.
  11. Pretty disorganized.
  12. Instinct driven, which is scary in a presidential candidate.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/22/2010 at 08:41 PM

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