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Sen. Mark Udall wants to subsidize ‘clean energy’ jobs; he would cheat firms that create real jobs

Sen. Mark Udall doesn't get it. He thinks government creates jobs. And he's eager to promote "clean energy" production with government-subsidized jobs, according to his latest emailed letter to constituents.


The Democrat claims that he's been listening to Coloradans for two years. And he posts excerpts of letters or emails from constituents who want to slop at the government's pork trough. 

But it's clear that he hasn't been listening to Colorado's small business owners who are trying to create real jobs without government subsidies and who resent having their tax dollars go to "clean energy" promoters who can't find markets for their products without government subsidies.

What Coloradans who are concerned about budget deficits and spending want is a halt to the "clean energy" scam. One of the first and easiest budget cuts should be an end to all "clean energy" subsidies, laws and regulations.

Ending government subsidies for "clean energy," Senator, would make it easier to cut taxes for everyone. By cutting taxes for everyone, you would make it more likely that everyone would buy more stuff from Colorado's small businesses and given them good reasons to create real, lasting jobs.

Mark's newsletter update: Your job creation ideas, by Sen. Mark Udall.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 11/10/2010 at 09:17 PM

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