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Tim Pawlenty ad attacks Mitt Romney’s health mandates, spending record

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's new Iowa ad attacks former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's health mandates in RomneyCare and Romney's spending record while governor.

It's good to see Pawlenty putting Romney on the spot for his support for health care insurance mandates, if not the unconstitutional mandates in ObamneyCare. Romney says he supports the right of states to "experiment" with mandates and other health insurance laws. While he hasn't directly said he supports state health insurance mandates, the fact that he brags that 2/3 or Massachusetts' very liberal residents support his RomneyCare mandates shows that he is still in favor of mandates as long as they're passed by states. To me, that means he supports state health mandates as well as ethanol mandates and mandates by the EPA that we buy much more expensive "clean" electricity from utilities. 

The questions are, how much advertising can Pawlenty and Romney's other opponents afford, and will they go after him as effectively as Pawlenty is?


Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 06/23/2011 at 08:19 AM

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