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Tom Tancredo says he would name Greg Brophy, Craig Meis to his cabinet

American Constitution Republican Party candidate Tom Tancredo today announced that if he is elected governor on Nov. 2 he will name Assistant State Senate Minority Leader Greg Brophy and Mesa County Commissioner Craig Meis to his cabinet. Tancredo's announcement is his way of showing that if elected, he would quickly move to take over the leadrship of the state by bringing strong people into his cabinet and putting them to work on Colorado's budget and economic problems. Brophy has a very strong following on the Eastern Plains. He's a strong environmentalist, a farmer and a technology geek who will become the campaign's lede tweeter. Meis brings energy industry expertese to the campaign, and he will win votes for Tancredo on the Western Slope, especially in oil field and coal counties. This will free Tancredo to focus on the Front Range over the next three weeks. He's showing that he not only knows the issues  but also who the problem solvers are and that they will work for him and for Colorado. His news release follows the jump:


Tancredo Announces Picks for Resource Positions
Appointees would restore balance, common sense to state energy and conservation policy

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—Independent gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo today gave voters a sneak preview of the kind of people who would serve in a Tancredo Administration by announcing who he would appoint to two key positions in his administration.

Tancredo, whose support has surged in recent weeks, said he would appoint Assistant Senate Minority Leader Greg Brophy to run the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which oversees energy, wildlife, and other natural resources.  He also announced he'd tap Mesa County Commissioner Craig Meis to head up the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), the primary regulatory body overseeing oil and gas activities.

Both men are Republicans.

"For the last four years, Democrats have pursued a radical, job-killing agenda," said Tancredo. “Colorado deserves to know how their next Governor will be different from the disastrous Ritter Administration. After flip-flopping all over 17th Street on Ritter's rules, Hickenlooper now says he's sticking with Ritter's oil and gas plan. But I won’t.”

"Senator Brophy and Commissioner Meis will help bring technical expertise and experience to these positions, and their appointments will be the first step in restoring balance and common sense to resource management in this state," continued Tancredo.

Senator Brophy, a Prius-driving Eastern Colorado Republican farmer and longtime supporter ofresponsible energy development, is also an avid cyclist and hunter.  Brophy authored legislation as a Senator that simplified the taxation method of wind farms leading to increased investment inwind energy in Eastern Colorado.

Mesa County Commissioner Craig Meis, who Tancredo would tap to chair the COGCC, has been in the oil and gas industry for 20 years. He is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, and is well known and well-respected in the energy industry for his technical expertise.

"Bill Ritter and the Democrats took Colorado from the best place in the country for oil and gas investment to dead last in one year," concluded Tancredo. "The good news is that Greg Brophy and Craig Meis are going to turn that around starting on Day One."

“We will take immediate steps to provide the balance needed to encourage energy developmentin Colorado so Moms and Dads can get back to work,” Brophy said.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/09/2010 at 02:51 PM


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