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Tom Tancredo will announce cabinet officers Saturday

In a smart bid for free media, "conservative independent" Tom Tancredo announced that tomorrow he will disclose the names of the people he would appoint to his cabinet if he won the gubernatorial race against John Hickenlooper in the Nov. 2 election. 


HIs unconventional announcement shows that he's ready to lead and make decisions while his opponent is still talking about "collaboration" with special interests that would defend their turff until the last Colorado taxpayer was out of a job and broke.

That Tancredo is holding his press conference in Grand Junction shows that he is going after Hickenlooper's vulnerability in the energy exploration industry. Unemployment in the energy exploration and production industry has soared under unfriendly regulations imposed by Democrat Governor Bill Ritter and effectively endorsed by "Governor-elect" John Hickenlooper. News release follows:

Tancredo to Roll Out Jobs Cabinet, Starting with Oil and Gas Appointees Saturday

"With unemployment exploding to 10 percent, Colorado deserves to know how their next Governor will be different than the disastrous Ritter Administration."

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO--With unemployment racing to 10 percent, conservative independent Tom Tancredo today announced that he will begin rolling out key appointees within his jobs cabinet, starting with an announcement Saturday morning in Grand Junction about who he will tap to appoint to restore the state's beleaguered oil and gas industry.

"With unemployment exploding to 10 percent, Colorado deserves to know how their next Governor will be different than the disastrous Ritter Administration,” said Tancredo. “Here's the shorthand: Hickenlooper is 4 more years of Ritter, and beginning Saturday, voters will see that a Tom Tancredo Administration will shake up government from the top to bottom, and rebuilding the economic environment will be our Job 1.

"Bill Ritter has single-handedly made a bad situation in the oil and gas industry a total quagmire,” continued Tancredo. “Ritter's job-killing oil and gas rules have taken Coloradofrom one of the most friendly states to do business to dead last.  After flip-flopping all over 17th Street on Ritter's rules, Hickenlooper now says he's sticking with Ritter's oil and gas plan.  Well I won't.  And that will be obvious this coming Saturday."

Tancredo's announcement will take place in Grand Junction at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Old Mesa County Courthouse.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/08/2010 at 11:55 AM


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