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Tom Tancredo’s applause lines

Every successful politician has "applause lines" that get audience reactions every time they are used. Tom Tancredo, the American Constitution/Republican Party candidate for governor of Colorado, has several such lines, which he used at Monday night's Elevate Colorado candidate's forum in Glendale.

Tancredo's applause lines include his promise to tell his department heads to bring him plans to cut their budgets by 10%, his proposal to cut at least some of the $158 million a year in benefits that the Democrats have added to the state's Medicaid program, his plan to turn PERA into a defined contribution plan instead of a defined benefit plan and his advocacy of vouchers for charter schools. The biggest round of applause came when former Governor Dick Lamm, a Democrat who backs Tancredo's opponent, John Hickenlooper, complemented Tancredo for putting the most substantial ideas on the table.

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