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U.S. House Republicans make fuzzy, weak Pledge to America

U.S. House Republicans seem to be the gang that can't do anything right.


They've released a new "Pledge to America" that is hardly getting rave reviews from conservatives, Democrats or liberals in the media who are pretending to be objective. The 45-page document just appeared on Google. So I haven't had time to read it yet. But the articles about the Pledge don't make it look very interesting nor exciting. From what i've read, it looks like another blown opportunity by feckless House GOP leaders and the work of a weak and poorly led committee.

UPDATE: I've read the 45-page Pledge, which is well illustrated with pictures of Republicans and has a lot of white space. In short, the Pledge is a broad statement of the House GOP's goals. It includes some doable promises and several promises that the GOP never will be able to deliver on. But that seems to be the way the establishment does things in Washington. The hearts of the people who wrote this document are in the right place, but they have very carefully tried to avoid giving the Democrats an easy target for negative campaign ads. However, the Democrats will find ways to mock and demonize the Pledge. 

Noticeably absent is a pledge to amend the Constitution to balance the budget or to ban gay marriages or abortions. 

The Pledge answers the Democrats' demand that Republicans produce a plan. The plan has been published and will soon be forgotten.


A Pledge to America.

Republican plan fails to persuade some activists, by Janet Hook and Naftali Bendavid.

Does GOP 'Pledge to America' have any shot? By Jonathan Allen.

Republicans unveil Pledge to America, but where was Paul Ryan? By Linda Feldman.

GOP's 'Pledge to America' includes plan to cut federal workforce, by Ed O'Keefe.

'A Pledge to America': 'An alternative way forward, by Peter Roskam.

Our view of 'A Pledge to America': GOP's battle plan fails the fiscal responsibility test. USA Today editorial.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 09/23/2010 at 05:12 PM


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