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What are Rick Perry’s and Michele Bachmann’s religious beliefs?

Christians and non Christians are asking whether Rick Perry and Michele Bachman advocate Dominism of America by Christians. It isn't clear whether Dominism will become a hot topic or win or lose votes for Perry or Bachmann in a general election race against President Obama. This year, I'm more concerned about economic than social and religious issues, but if Perry or Bachmann is the GOP candidate, I won't vote for one of them. I'll vote against Obama.

The religious beliefs of 


presidential candidates or candidates for other offices matter only when voters and their opponents think those candidates are exploiting their religious beliefs in efforts to attract gullible and relgious voters. And when candidates wear their beliefs on their sleeves, they open themselves to questions about whether their preachers or the Constitution would guide them if they were elected.

Separation of church and state is a huge issue for me and for others who fear that candidates religious beliefs represent more than their core values. When imposing one's religious beliefs on non believers is a political candidate's mission, beware.

Former President George W. Bush exploited his born again Christianity in his campaigns for the White House. While that strategy helped him win elections, it cost him respect and legitimacy in the eyes of those Christians and non Christians who believe that America's long tradition of a separation of church and state must be continued. In short, I believe that the Left very effectively used the fear of fanatical Christians to build a cult of Bush hatred, especially during his second term.

Perry and Bachmann are being protrayed as even more radical Christians than Bush. See especially these articles and blogs:

Asking candidates tougher questions about faith, by Bill Keller.

Michele Bachmann recommended book that blamed North for Civil War, praised slavery.

Leap of Faith, the making of a Republican front-runner, by Ryan Lizza.

Why I'll be paying attention to Michele Bachmann's religious beliefs, by Peregrin Wood.

Michele Bachman was inspired by my dad and his his Christian reconstructionist friends—here's why that is terrifying, by Frank Schaeffer.

Michele Bachmann submitting to husband: Submissive question; we have a right to know sacred beliefs, by Jocelyn Anderson.

NYT's Bill Keller questions faith of GOP candidates, compares belief in God to belief in aliens, by Clay Waters.

Rick Perry is no libertarian, by Dana Milbank.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 08/28/2011 at 05:11 PM

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