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What I would like to hear from Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney

What I want GOP candidates to promise:


1. I will help America become a country where individuals and investors can easily create new businesses and create millions of new jobs. Today, it is not easy to create a new business and jobs because the NLRB is anti-employer, the Interior Dept. is anti-coal and anti-oil, the Dept. of Health & Human Services is administering ObamaCare with totalitarianism never seen before in this country, and GE and Public Sector unions own the Democratic Party and the Federal government.
2. I will reform public education for parents and students, not for school administrators and teachers union leaders. Our goal should be to graduate as many high school students as possible. And every  high school graduate should be functionally literate. They should know the basics of reading, writing, math, statistics, science, government and American history. Public schools should get out of the sports, arts and music businesses. If parents or charities want to fund sports, arts and recreational activities for kids, that's their business. 
3. We will get government out of people's personal lives. No governmental agency should even think about telling people when and how fast or where they will die. No government should enforce anyone's religious beliefs. And government shouldn't tell us what we can eat. The private sector has plenty of financial incentives to promote healthy life styles. Discriminating against non believers and the obese is unAmerican and must be illegal.
4. Americans will be free to support their candidates and issues without the interference of self-serving incumbent politicians and bureaucrats. I will sign a bill that eliminates all campaign finance laws. And I will sign a freedom of information act that requires all government agencies to provide requested information for free and within days, not weeks. 
5. Republicans will reform the private health insurance markets so that they are regulated for the benefit of consumers, not for employers, insurers, public sector employees, hospitals, physicians, lobbyist or the thousands of smart government employees who have made such a mess of the health care markets. Medicare and Medicaid will be deregulated so that consumers have more choices and stronger says about their care and what they pay for it. Only the most basic four or five preventive care services should be provided by insurers, Medicare and Medicaid. We must reform health care to give consumers strong financial incentives to buy smart and insurers financial incentives to create and deliver more cost effective products and services.
6. Republicans will reform our income taxes. We spend as much preparing taxes as we pay in taxes because the tax laws are complex, unfair, unreasonable and include tax breaks for special interests who can afford expensive lobbyists. Tax reform will take away all tax credits, deductions and subsidies and lower marginal tax rates. While a flat tax and a fair tax are impossible in a Republic, we must make our taxes flatter and fairer. We must do away with special treatment for GE and the favored few.
7. Many in the GOP are campaigning for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I think that is just kicking another can down the road. It's a false promise and a balanced budget amendment would create more problems than it would solve. It is up to every president and Congress to spend taxpayers' money on defending the country, infrastructure and public safety. The president and Congress should limit spending and taxes. That's what a Republican Congess and I will do. And we'll do it in my first year as president, not after the country goes bankrupt waiting 20 or 30 years for a balanced budget amendment to work its way through Congress and the state legislatures.
I'll be editing and adding to this piece.

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