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Why are Michael Bennet’s supporters exploiting rape victim? Why won’t he stop them?

Appointed Obama Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Washington, DC) is running unfair negative ads against Republican Ken Buck. And he's standing by while outside groups run even more untrue and unfair ads against Buck and use an angry date-rape victim's story to smear him. Why won't Bennet call on outside groups to stop the untrue ads and the anti-Buck smear campaign?


Integrity is not a high priority for Michael Bennet who's pretending to be a centrist after serving as a hard left rubber stamp for President Obama over the last 22 months. 

Now he's standing by while his supporters exploit a young date rape victim in their drive use her irrational anger against Buck and her former lover  to smear Buck because he wouldn't prosecute her former lover. The former lover has admitted date raping the woman who invited him to her apartment while she was drunk. But he made the admission in a phone call that can't be used in court against him. The left claims attorneys they have consulted with say she had a winnable case. You can get attorneys to say almost anything when they won't be named or held accountable for their opinions.

In an excellent editorial, the Colorado Springs Gazette deplores Bennet's backers' exploitation of the smear campaign, but I doubt that many people are reading the editorial or other pieces that show Buck acted rationally. The damage has been done. The question is, how much will it hurt Buck on Nov. 2? 


 Our view: Group exploits rape victim to smear Buck, by Wayne Laugesen.

Ken Buck's paying for his extremism on abortion, personhood, The Business Word, 10.13.2010.


Swiftboating Ken Buck, by Ross Kaminsky.

CoDA Alert: ProgressNow and Colorado Independent coordinate 'Buck rape case' story, by Michael Sandoval.

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Liberal group releases 2005 tape of Ken Buck's advice to alleged date-rape victim, by Allison Sherry.

Michael Bennet Dems trying to turn Ken Buck's decision in 5-year-old rape case into major scandal, by Donald E. L. Johnson.

Rape case haunts Buck in Colo, by David Catanese.

 Buck's refusal to prosecute 2005 rape case reverberates in U.S. Senate race; Critics: Weld DA's treatment of alleged victim 'shows his view of women. By Scot Kersgaard.

Ken Buck 50%, Michaele Bennet 45% or Bennet 46% to 45%? The Business Word, 10.5.2010.

Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 10/14/2010 at 09:38 AM


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