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Why the Denver Post’s call for higher taxes will hurt Colorado

The Denver Post, Democrats and Gov. Hickenlooper are showing their true colors. They  are spend and tax liberals who are willing to destroy private sector jobs in Colorado in an effort to preserve the jobs of ineffective teachers, unneeded school administrators and state employes who have little useful work to do. The Post endorsed higher taxes in an editorial this morning.

Instead of raising taxes, rewrite education laws and other regulations that give politicians excuses to hire union workers. Streamline government by making it less necessary. End all tax credits that politicians create for their favored few at the expense of the rest of us. Stop new infrastructure spending and focus on maintaining what we have. 
Stop catering to government contractors who are slopping at the trough of the state government at the expense of taxpayers and people who need private sector jobs. RTD's Fastrack is a boondoggle for contractors and will be another entitlement that will cost taxpayers millions over the next 20 years.
Go back over all of the new spending programs that have been created since 2000. Eliminate them.
Rollie Heath is not courageous. He represents a hard left spend and tax district whose residents work for the University of Colorado and other government agencies. He wants to tax Colorado so that spoiled brats in Boulder can maintain their lifestyles. It makes no sense.
Of course, the liberals on the Denver Post editorial board want higher taxes and more spending. They have nothing to lose, and they know their liberal friends will approve. The Post itself wants more taxes and spending, because it thinks that it too will profit from the approval of its real estate advertisers even though it is alienating auto dealers and retailers who will see their sales drop in the face of higher sales and income taxes.
What the Post and Heath are risking is convincing potential employers that Colorado's Democrats and Chambers of Commerce are Californiating Colorado. They're determined to turn Colorado into another high-tax state. That sure will create a lot of jobs---for other states.
Posted by Donald E. L. Johnson on 03/06/2011 at 09:53 AM


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